Boxerfest 2014

7aaVpUCHR3XMWxZb.jpgAnother weekend, another car show. This time, ALL THE SUBARUS. Out of all the shows I’ve been to, this so far has been my favorite. Maybe because it was limited to subarus. They had LOTS of vendors, that were giving away GREAT stuff. I put in all my raffle tickets for a Cobb Tuner, and gift card to subimods dot com. I did NOT win.

fElh50Fo2lNvc116.jpgHowever, I did win their instagram contest. Which was funny because I wasn’t even trying. Or knew that there was one going on!


This was my wining shot. Car limbo. This Forrester was called “Forest Gump”. I love it! He didn’t win but he gave it a great try.






It was a lot of funny hanging out with friends, making new ones, meeting the people I talk car stuff with from the internet. Boxerfest was definitely a hit. They even had an autocross track!

ZGgeP34IlGG3NXSr.jpgMy favorite part of car shows though, is rolling with all your subie brothers, and breaking necks.



I got super sunburned. But it was kinda worth it. On to the next!

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  1. Ha, I love the last photo! I didn’t know about the Boxfest and Subarus or anything. Good to know. Looks fun too.

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