Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour


Finally. Of all the years of being a Taylor Swift fan, I FINALLY was able to go to a concert. Reasons before? Friends didn’t like Taylor Swift enough to spend the money on tickets to go with me. If they did go with me, I’d have to buy the tickets. For my 30th birthday, my husband (along with a surprise party) got us tickets to see Tay Tay! He happened to like her new album and was willing to sit through it with me. <3


She is amazing. She even played a couple of her older songs, updated to her new sound. She makes everyone feel like we are all her best friends (which is probably why her squad is so big) and I love her even more. The concert was outdoors at Nats Stadium, and it rained all day. Her stage, which lifted up from the ground, got stuck in the air, and she handled it with grace until they were able to fix it.


Everyone was given a LED wristband, we weren’t sure what it was for, until she came out on stage. THEY LIT UP. She basically controlled all of us during the show. It lit up multiple colors, blinked to the beat and was just all in all a ridiculously fun and awesome show. I totally understand now why my cousin goes to her concert EVERY time. She is a true performer. The stadium sat about 45,000 people and she SOLD THEM OUT. For TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW.


She also has a surprise guest every night, and our night was Lorde. They sang Royals together. Her set, her costumes, everything was fun and sparkly.

It was hard to leave our newborn at Nana’s but I had a great time. Now that I found out some of my mommy friends like Taylor too, I would definitely go again and leave the babies with their daddies 😉 Even though my husband seemed to enjoy the concert too!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

First off, let me just say, I have amazing girlfriends. Growing up a tomboy with brothers, you might be quick to assume that, “she doesn’t get along with girls, girls don’t like her, she only has guy friends.” This is an urban legend people. Never trust a girl who doesn’t have at least one good girlfriend. Something is wrong with her if she doesn’t. And probably has something to do with men. That being said, we try to have a girl’s night at least once a month…but it always happens a few more times than that.


This weekend was the Legwarmers concert. This is my second time attending, first time in the winter. But that didn’t stop us from dancing the night away, singing along and sweating out our side ponytails. I love the 80s and this is a super fun concert for those that like to dress up in their best flash dance outfits, hairband costumes and step back in time.

One of their band members is leaving, so it was his farewell performance. They are actually auditioning for a new band member. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?! How fun would it be to tour singing 80s pop songs?! If only…


I had a great time, however, I do think I enjoy it more in the summer. Costumes where you don’t have to worry about warmth is always a winner. This makes me want to throw an 80s themed party…but Mardi Gras is coming up. If you can, definitely find your way to a Legwarmers show. I will!