Lauryn Hill DC

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Remember back in 1998 when Lauryn Hill was the shit? Yeah well she still is. I mean who else can come out of hiding over 10 years later and still sell out shows.We all remember when she just fell off, yet her album continued to play through our headphones. Everyone was inspired by her. AND SHES BACK. I had a great time with my girl friend, singing at the top of our lungs. But it was definitely not what we expected. Her presence still excites us, but the first half of the show was so fast and confusing, you couldn’t even sing along. We were at a rock n roll version of Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation album.. where we were forced to march to Zion…way, waaay too long.

But once she started hitting her Fugee groove, everything fell back into place, and she had us singing out of there content, forgetting that she slammed our ears really fast the first half. She brought out her 4 year old to thank us and wish us a good night, which was endearing. I saw her dancing on the side of the stage all night, which makes me wonder why she was even up that late on a weeknight. But I guess that doesn’t matter.

Overall, if I wasn’t so sick, I would have had a great time jumping around and getting into a live performance. But because all the songs came at me so hard and so fast, I will have to say it wasn’t mind blowingly awesome.┬áHer energy was amazing. She hyped the crowd, conducted her band, and hopped all over stage. I’ve never been to her past performances, but she looked like she was having a good time.

Lauryn though, you still are awesome.

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