The Little Pastry Chef

We made a quick trip to Princeton, New Jersey to support our team at First Class Fitment. As you already know, I had to get a taste of macarons while I was there. Found this place based off yelp. It isn’t known for their macarons, but there was limited information about macarons so I just took whatever I could get!

Super cute little shop with pictures of the baker’s adorable son everywhere. I am assuming he’s the little pastry chef. A display of cute tarts and mini treats looked appetizing but I was already full from lunch and saw that they had macarons.

I got the pistachio and lemon ones. They weren’t as pretty as I’m used to, and dare I say my pistachio macarons are better? The lemon ones were good though.

Based on the limited selection I would say don’t go out your way to get macarons in Princeton.



Chuck’s Cafe

In the limited time I was in Princeton, NJ I did get to have tasty wings at a hole in the wall place called Chuck’s Spring Street Cafe . Set in a cute little area, you walk in and it’s pretty straight forward. You can get wings, ribs, cheese steaks, pretty much anything you would find in a deli. We were told by locals this is the place to get wings, and it had great reviews on yelp.

I ordered wings and curly fries. It comes with celery and bleu cheese, I opted for ranch. You pay for your meal and the friendly Asian (maybe Korean?) lady rings you up and brings it to you later. She’s super friendly and I definitely enjoyed the atmosphere. So far everyone we encountered in Jersey is friendly. I didn’t know what to expect!

I don’t usually like plain old buffalo wings, but these were pretty good. It is the only option for wing flavors and that was fine by me. Also the curly fries were awwwwesome, perfectly crisp, hot and seasoned. I finished it off with a glass bottle of cream soda.

Good recommendation!


Bagel Barn

The first and best place we went to during our quick trip to New Jersey was Bagel Barn. Right when we walked up to it, a lady walked out complaining about how the line was out the door. Wonderful sign, I'd say. We decided to check it out anyway, because it seemed clearly worth it.

Filled with farm like decor, red and white checked table cloths, wooden signs and mini barns. The lines moved quickly and efficiently. Standing in line we met two guys who were also headed to First Class Fitment. They turned around and were friendly, made suggestions and recommendations on where to eat next. They were also subaru guys so we made new instagram friends (ha!)

I had the plain bagel with the lox spread, as well as a french vanilla coffee. Boo got a blueberry bagel with cheese, eggs and bacon. It was a purple bagel! All bagels are hand made, and they have a “hot bagels” sign. I love it.

It. Was. Amazing. Oh my god. I've never had such a delicious bagel ever. That first bite was heaven. And the lox cheese spread was perfect. I don't know what I am going to do because I know that I am going to go home and crave this every morning!