Chuck’s Cafe

In the limited time I was in Princeton, NJ I did get to have tasty wings at a hole in the wall place called Chuck’s Spring Street Cafe . Set in a cute little area, you walk in and it’s pretty straight forward. You can get wings, ribs, cheese steaks, pretty much anything you would find in a deli. We were told by locals this is the place to get wings, and it had great reviews on yelp.

I ordered wings and curly fries. It comes with celery and bleu cheese, I opted for ranch. You pay for your meal and the friendly Asian (maybe Korean?) lady rings you up and brings it to you later. She’s super friendly and I definitely enjoyed the atmosphere. So far everyone we encountered in Jersey is friendly. I didn’t know what to expect!

I don’t usually like plain old buffalo wings, but these were pretty good. It is the only option for wing flavors and that was fine by me. Also the curly fries were awwwwesome, perfectly crisp, hot and seasoned. I finished it off with a glass bottle of cream soda.

Good recommendation!


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