Road trip: Louisville, Kentucky



It is amazing how different each state is. As I do more travel on the ground, I realize that there are so many things to see on the road. RsdSojLwIetMTzwY.jpg

Friday, Vitya and I, my favorite road warrior (our relationship was built on crazy road trips, hence our “ride or die” motto) got in our rental car and drove the windy roads and mountains a couple states over to Kentucky.UEVFdFSXvTWSLw4m.jpg

I have never ever set foot in that state. EVER. I had no idea what to expect. I know I was super excited to see my friend Josh again and meet his fiancee, whom I’ve become internet friends with, IN REAL LIFE. Quick side story, on a related note:


Josh and I met at the How Design conference which took place in Austin, TX in 2009. It was my first time traveling alone for work in a new city. My company only sent me, and he was also the lone ranger from his company, Pizza Today. We sat next to each other at a talk and pretty much became instant BFFs. Michael Jackson dying that day bonded us forever. Oh, and he made sure I didn’t get murdered.


We stayed in touch these past 5 years, and in that time, he bought a a super cute house (with his now fiancee), added more animals to his posse, and proposed to the woman he had just started dating before we met. Tyann. We finally got to meet her after corresponding through social media. And a failed attempt at the Derby in 2012 (where we ended up in Myrtle Beach instead).



We love Tyann. So much. It’s ridiculous. Poor Josh. It definitely turned into a girls trip. We’ll bring our men next time! I promise. He was definitely a good sport, and tried to blend in with us. See how he has a margarita while we all had beers?


It was a short trip, but filled with good food and good times. Details on that later. But if you have a chance, spend a couple days in Louisville!



My Road Trip Bag

Road trip

I’m excited for my upcoming road trip to Canada. I haven’t seen my cousin AMY in forever, and even though we’ve been physically apart forever, I love talking to her every day. It’s like we aren’t that far. Its going to be a 10 hour drive (I know, crazy). So I definitely need to be prepared.

I’ve been planning what to wear, and what to bring for the ride up there. And here’s what I got so far. Tom’s for easy slip on slip off in the car if I wanna air out my toes. A chambray shirt to wear over my tee if the AC is too cold. And jeans because that’s comfortable for me. I have to have a purse separate from my weekend bag, so that I can keep things in it to keep me entertained.

Travel Purse

I will probably be sleeping if I am not driving. The ipad will be loaded up with my magazines. The iphone will probably play music and be our gps. Gotta have a charger for both! Pen and journal for any notes or sketches I want to remember along the way. And lip stuff because that air conditioned car will wear you out!

What do you need to keep on hand on your road trips?!

The Outerbanks, North Carolina

I have a new favorite “local” beach. I say local because I don’t have to fly there. The Outerbanks! I know I am so late, there are already a bajillion people who have been there and love it. But I really do. The water is clear, and the beaches aren’t too crowded. And its more family oriented so there’s not crazy teens drinking and causing a ruckus. (Note if that’s what you want, don’t go).  If you want a nice quiet clean place to relax…OBX is it. I had so much fun, even though I was only there for the weekend.

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We stayed at the Days Inn Kill Devil Hills OCEANFRONT, and the beach was just a few steps out. The hotel itself is like an old colonial house. It was very cute and the staff was very friendly. We are pretty low maintenance so we didn’t really need much. They also serve a free breakfast every morning of your stay, and there’s a pool :D. Everything was very cozy. Plus there is a bbq pit and picnic tables in the back if you wanted to have your own bbq.

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We spent the day swimming, reading and lounging at the beach. It was great. The water was clear, and there were plenty of sand bars to keep me feeling like I was safe. (I love sharks, but I am terrified of them). No trash or jelly fish. Just clear water…and your occasional mole crab carcass.

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After the day at the beach, we got cleaned up and enjoyed this view at dinner. Review on the place later…

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Before we headed out we went to explore the dunes. Where I got my first bug bites (3!) of the summer. No fun. Also its really hard to walk up sandy hills. We did see tiny tiny frogs though. It was so crazy! They were so cute. They were about the size of his fingernail.

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It was a short trip, but a much needed break. I really like it out there and plan to go back a few more times before summer is over. Also, Who’s Bad, the Michael Jackson Tribute band is playing there later this month… might have to catch them out there!

Dewey Beach, Delaware

Ahh, another weekend at the beach. I need to quit until June, all this vitamin D is getting me nice and crispy, even under my big hat and and umbrella. This weekend, the little brother, the boo and I took a road trip up to Dewey Beach. We stayed in an oceanfront beach townhouse, explored the streets, the beach, and the eats! (Wow, I am rhyming?)

Eating is always on the agenda. We walked over to Sunrise Restaurant where they serve breakfast ALL DAY (my kinda place). The service was friendly, the food came out fast, and it was delicious. An awesome way to start the day. We went back there the next morning as well. NOM NOM. I love food. Definitely will go back there for beach breakfasts!

After a yummy breakfast, we went to put in our flower petal order at Windsor’s and stopped by the arts festival by the bay. It featured local artist’s work, to include paintings, and sea glass and other beach-esque stuff. If you wanted to decorate your home a-la beach this was a good place to pick up stuff. There was a magician, pony rides and a moon bounce for kids, as well as hot dogs and hamburgers being grilled. It was small, so after making a quick loop, we headed back to our weekend home to get some beach time in.

(Vitacoco should pay me)

(Brother building a sand castle)

The water was FREEZING. Freezing enough for Sean to dare my brother to fully submerge himself for $7. He did it. Because he’s a bawse. After playing in the sun and sand, everyone was HULKSMASH hungry, so we got ready to head to The Rusty Rudder for some outside eats.
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After getting stuffed, enjoying the weather and the ocean air, we took a walk back to the townhouse. We gathered our rose petals, our toasts and headed to the water’s edge.

The main event for this trip was to put flower petals out for our mom, for mothers day/one year anniversary of her death. It was a nice little ceremony in the sunset on the beach.

I had a great weekend, how about you?!

First Beach, First BURN!

It’s that time again, traveling season. And with the warm weather, you know what that means, BEACH. Due to last minute changes, I went from planning to spend Cinco De Mayo at the Kentucky Derby, to spending all day (and forgetting to reapply sunblock) at the beach in South Carolina. Lobster red is not a good look for me.

My ride or die chick, Vitya, and I got back to the root of our nicknames and had our first road trip of the summer! Picked up our Jeep after work Friday and hit the open road. Traffic wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be and made it to Monterey Bay in 8 hours!

The forecast was kind of iffy, but thanks to Mom, the weather was PERFECT all day and we woke up to amazing sunshine and the beach waves crashing. An awesome sight to wake up to, not to mention free continental breakfast with our suite. YESSSSS. Breakfast by palm trees is definitely a win! How could you not have a good day with that kind of start?

We spent all day, reading, wading in the somewhat warm water, spotting jellyfish and fish, collecting seashells, exploring random pools of water, trying to figure out which bugs bit me and enjoying the breezy sunshine.

The rest of the day pretty much went like this…

(Hey Napoloen gimme your tots!)

Then ending the night with… a hotel fort!!!

The trip had to come to an end. So after another good, free breakfast (waffles, grits, bacon, eggs, potato wedges and juice!) we hit the open road again. And oh yeah. I got burned.

…yeah I am going to sit under an umbrella for the rest of summer. No skin cancer for me please. Where’s the SPF 110?

Thanks to the mini vacay, I am back to work, refreshed and excited for the rest of summer. Hope ya’ll had a great weekend!!!