My Road Trip Bag

Road trip

I’m excited for my upcoming road trip to Canada. I haven’t seen my cousin AMY in forever, and even though we’ve been physically apart forever, I love talking to her every day. It’s like we aren’t that far. Its going to be a 10 hour drive (I know, crazy). So I definitely need to be prepared.

I’ve been planning what to wear, and what to bring for the ride up there. And here’s what I got so far. Tom’s for easy slip on slip off in the car if I wanna air out my toes. A chambray shirt to wear over my tee if the AC is too cold. And jeans because that’s comfortable for me. I have to have a purse separate from my weekend bag, so that I can keep things in it to keep me entertained.

Travel Purse

I will probably be sleeping if I am not driving. The ipad will be loaded up with my magazines. The iphone will probably play music and be our gps. Gotta have a charger for both! Pen and journal for any notes or sketches I want to remember along the way. And lip stuff because that air conditioned car will wear you out!

What do you need to keep on hand on your road trips?!

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