Life with Bawse: Big boy!

It's been awhile since I've updated on our little guy. Who is enormous by the way. He is 7 months now and well over 50lbs. According to all the extra skin that he still has to grow into, I fear he is going to be HUGE. My fear doesn't come from thinking he will be a big guy to control, but a big baby who wants to cuddle and plop down in my lap because he still think he's 3 pounds.

He's made quite a few friends already. He is a very social and friendly pup, to both humans and animals. He gets really sad when he can't play with everyone. I don't think he realizes hes a giant. Whenever Theodore (my hamster) comes out to eat, he runs up to the cage and cries, then looks at me wagging his tail because he wants to play…or eat him. Who knows for sure 😉

We have come to learn the following in these past 7 months.
1. He has sensitive skin. He scabs and scars very easily.
2. He has a weak tummy. Like seriously, he can't eat everything and I have to closely monitor what kinds of treats and food he consumes. He can eat kale though! And peanut butter. But he definitely needs a more balanced diet, and not so protein heavy like blue buffalo.
3. He is submissive. He's very gentle and loving. If small dogs, or big dogs that he plays with get aggressive, he rolls over onto his back into a submissive position. Don't get me wrong, he's protective of us. But he doesn't start fights or egg them on. I'd rather have a submissive pitbull than an aggressive one any day.
4. He has to greet us both before doing anything else. Every morning when we get him up for a walk, he has to come by and greet both of us before he does anything else. So polite.

He's hanging out with his little buddies Buggie (10lb min pin) and Killer (5 lb yorkie) this week. Should be interesting. He forgets how big he is and sometimes the little ones get trampled if they are running for the same toy. It's funny watching them punk him. I love my big baby.


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