Dog Birthday Cake


I love my pup. A lot. He’s my furchild. You can make fun of me if you want, but I threw Bawse a birthday party this year. It will be the last year that he’s an only child, and hes a lot calmer now so we can have dogs in our tiny space without much destruction.


He had his buddies come over, we took them to run around in a park, then came back to cake and ice cream.

Here’s how I made his pup friendly cake!


Mix whole wheat, oats, and baking powder in one bowl.


Pumpkin, eggs, natural peanut better and vanilla extract in another.


Then mix THAT together.


And bake!


Cream cheese, yogurt, and honey.


Mix til smooth.


Decorate with milk bones!


I didn’t want the extra cake to go to waste after I trimmed it flat, so I made cake balls!

Bawse’s Birthday Cake
3 ½ cups whole wheat flour
½ cup oats
1 tbsp baking powder
2 ½ cups water
½ of 15 oz can of pumpkin puree
1 egg lightly beaten
½ tsp vanilla extract
Mini Milkbones for decoration

Preheat the oven to 350F. In a medium bowl mix flour, oats and baking powder together. Set aside. In a large bowl, mix water, pumpkin, egg, peanut butter and vanilla until well mixed. Stir dry ingredients into wet, until thoroughly mixed. Scoop into non stick cake pans. Bake until center sets about 45 minutes.

Cool completely. Remove from cake pan. Frost and decorate.

8 oz low fat cream cheese, room temperature
2 tbsp plain yogurt
1 tbsp honey

Mix until smooth, spread on cake!


Life with Bawse: Hiking


Okay, lets be honest. I don’t feel like what we did was really hiking, more like taking a stroll on rugged terrain. We were planning on going to the Shenandoahs this weekend but it was scheduled to rain. We still wanted to get out so we too the pup to Great Falls, VA.


Bawse got a new backpack and we wanted to test it out. It’s perfect. He can carry his own water, bowl, treats, food, and poop bags now yay! And he walks pretty normal with it. We got him the Kurgo Wander Dog Pack and it’s perfect for our pitbull.


Bawse was so excited, he basically pulled the whole time. Not fun for his daddy. For the most part he was good at ignoring the other dogs, unless he was allowed to meet them. He met a girl pitbull and he was totally smitten he didn’t wanna leave her to continue our walk.


There was one weird guy with a labradoodle that kind of annoyed me though. We saw them coming, so we stepped off trail, and had Bawse sit and focus on me. He was doing really well, and all would have been fine if they guy kept walking past. But no, he just stopped in front of us with his dog.


Like. Really bro, wtf. Keep it moving. He didn’t say anything he just stood in front of us. Bawse must have felt uncomfortable because after sitting for a little while and them not moving on Bawse went towards the other dog, who then tensed up and they lunged at each other. We decided to just start walking. That was weird. And annoying.


Other than that he did pretty good, he just needs practice and desensitize from all the excitement of the sights (which I doubt will ever happen because nature is too exciting)!


The best part is a worn out puppy afterwards!

Life With Bawse: Spring Play date!

OZVnxYoFcb8CiAYR.jpgI know, I know it’s been such a long time since I had a Bawse update. He’s still a puppy in my eyes, but he is pretty much grown. There aren’t as many new developments. He does know how to bring his leash now to go outside, so in combination of ringing the bell and bringing the leash he gets to go outside faster (is he training us, or are we training him?).


The weather was awesome this weekend, and we couldn’t stay cooped up inside so we decided to take him for a long walk. We’ve decided that dog parks aren’t a good idea anymore (with all the pitbull hating going on) so a nice walk with a buddy is much better. Though we are still planning to check out Shirlington dog park when it gets warmer, so he can splash around!


We headed over to the W O&D trail with his buddy Isis, where they got to run, walk, play and love on each other.

Life with Bawse

You can scroll and look at the cute pictures. The below is just me ranting about the injustice that pitbulls get for looking the way that they do.

This puppy. So much has happened. He is finally potty trained, did I mention that? THANK GOODNESS. He is now almost 11 months, and almost 70lbs. He still seems like a little guy, but he just all muscle. His face is still the sweetest face and his temperament goes to match. He goes to a daycare where he hangs out with 2 little boys ages 3 and 4.

Despite being a friendly and submissive pitbull, he still gets discriminated against? What, I should probably stop writing about it, because it still happens and really nothing I can do about other people's ignorance. Aside from proving them wrong after and having them be scared to make eye contact with me after.

Yep. I'm talking about at the dog park when some jerk yelled at us because Bawse was playing with his dog. He wasn't even watching his stupid dog, who repeatedly came up to Bawse who was playing with his German Shepard puppy friend Nalu and tried to start stuff. This husky was clearly a jerk. He kept coming through biting at Bawse's jowls and then running off, taunting Bawse to chase him. None of the times Bawse ran after him did he catch the husky, because Nalu, being the great shepherd that he is would always distract Bawse before he caught up to the husky.

The owner, who has been evil eyeing Bawse since he came into the park (we were there first), was so busy chit chatting to even see what his dog was doing. And the one time he looked up and saw my pitbull chasing his jerk husky he has the audacity, to tell us to take our dog and leave. Wow. Are you racist too you ignoramus? He yells at us about our dog bullying his, and how our dog is aggressive. Are you fucking kidding me? Have you SEEN how my dog plays? He's getting humped by every dog, and not fighting it, and he is constantly on his back letting all the other dogs sniff and dominate him. After awhile (because we weren't going leave on principle) he saw that he was wrong. And ignorant.

I can guarantee that I am more vicious than my dog. You can make fun of me, judge me, call me names all you want. It doesn't bother me. I know who I am and I am happy with myself as a person. BUT DON'T YOU DARE openly judge my dog, and cast your ignorant opinions out loud to me in public. My pup would love you regardless, he will lick you, greet you and love you, and he doesn't even know you. Because that is how dogs are. Why couldn't he give my dog the same chance to make an opinion instead of coming in with this idea of what Bawse would be like. It gets me upset, because like with people you can't just judge them by race, you formulate your opinions on your individual interaction with that person.

This makes me not want to go to dog parks. Puppy play dates anyone?

So, Bawse is also on some kind of separation anxiety/destruction mode. Might I add, they he was in his crate before we left. And this happened when we got back. I no longer have a couch. I am hoping he grows out of this stage.


DogVacay Review

Wow. Why haven't I heard about this site before? Thanks Michelle for letting me know!

Basically I needed a last minute daycare for Bawse because we had a charity event that we were hosting. Everyone we knew was busy, or going, and his normal daycare was booked. My friend via twitter told me about This site is awesome. All their caretakers are screened prior to becoming hosts. You can see the place your pup will stay, as well as profiles of other dogs that live in that home. It's cage free boarding, and your pet is supervised and loved on 24/7. You even get photos and updates via text.

Did I mention it's 24/7 support, free pet insurance and money back guarantee? Because that's pretty much why I was willing to try. It was basically no risk! Except for the fact that Bawse is you know…a pitbull. I knew that some people would be wary, so I messaged people personally to see if they would even consider housing a pitbull in their house, with their kids with their dog. Two had positive responses, and one lady who was like “well, since he's still a puppy he should be okay, but we can have a meet and greet then decide”. Yeah I decided not to go to her.

Bawse did a meet and greet with Kelly W. She has two little boys under the age of 5. Bawse and the kids got along great. We let him go to daycare there once, and plan on letting him go there at least once a week. He was SO exhausted from running and playing and loving on the boys that as soon as we picked him up, he passed out in the car.

He went straight to his crate on his own and passed out with the door open until the next morning! Definitely check out the site if you need a last minute pet sitter!


Life with Bawse

So my little guy is neutered. It was a long time coming. He was supposed to get it done when he was 5 months, but because of his sensitive tummy, he wasn't getting enough iron. He recently was neutered and had a benign tumor removed.

He still a super happy, friendly puppy. And a ladies man, as seen here at my sorority dinner.

He is 8 months at over 60 lbs, but he's still a little guy. Just compact and strong. He finished his training at petsmart, but we decided against letting him take his AKC good citizen certification before neutering. Once he heals, we are going to work with him again to take that test.

My poor guy after surgery. He got a tumor removed, castrated, and he had an ulcer in his eye. But he's healing up well and still has his puppy energy and playfulness.

Life with Bawse: Big boy!

It's been awhile since I've updated on our little guy. Who is enormous by the way. He is 7 months now and well over 50lbs. According to all the extra skin that he still has to grow into, I fear he is going to be HUGE. My fear doesn't come from thinking he will be a big guy to control, but a big baby who wants to cuddle and plop down in my lap because he still think he's 3 pounds.

He's made quite a few friends already. He is a very social and friendly pup, to both humans and animals. He gets really sad when he can't play with everyone. I don't think he realizes hes a giant. Whenever Theodore (my hamster) comes out to eat, he runs up to the cage and cries, then looks at me wagging his tail because he wants to play…or eat him. Who knows for sure 😉

We have come to learn the following in these past 7 months.
1. He has sensitive skin. He scabs and scars very easily.
2. He has a weak tummy. Like seriously, he can't eat everything and I have to closely monitor what kinds of treats and food he consumes. He can eat kale though! And peanut butter. But he definitely needs a more balanced diet, and not so protein heavy like blue buffalo.
3. He is submissive. He's very gentle and loving. If small dogs, or big dogs that he plays with get aggressive, he rolls over onto his back into a submissive position. Don't get me wrong, he's protective of us. But he doesn't start fights or egg them on. I'd rather have a submissive pitbull than an aggressive one any day.
4. He has to greet us both before doing anything else. Every morning when we get him up for a walk, he has to come by and greet both of us before he does anything else. So polite.

He's hanging out with his little buddies Buggie (10lb min pin) and Killer (5 lb yorkie) this week. Should be interesting. He forgets how big he is and sometimes the little ones get trampled if they are running for the same toy. It's funny watching them punk him. I love my big baby.


Life with Bawse: Puppy Monster

It finally happened. We knew it would one day. We just didn’t think it would happen this late, and assumed he was going to skip it. Lies. We were really good about not letting him chew shoes or wires. He got the corners of my dining table here and there, but for the most part, he stays away from those three things.

We want to eventually get him out of the crate (because who likes having a giant cage in their living room?). But we tend to forget, he’s only 5 months. Hes only been on earth, for 5 months. Just because he’s obedient and understands you for the most part…doesn’t mean he’s not a puppy. Which means, teething, short attention span and high energy.

What finally happened? He made a “huge” mess, in which he chewed through things and shred up stuff. However, the only damage was 2 Taylor Swift CDs, 2 DVDs, and a bag of tea candles that smell “Hawaiian”. I kind of knew it was going to happen, but i didn’t do anything about it, so we didn’t get too mad at him. All week, he was walking by the IKEA bag, and sniffing for the treats and the candles it in. But like an idiot, I never put the bag of stuff away. Fast forward a couple days later, we go out for dinner, and come home to a messy living room. My first thought was, “HE KILLED THE BUNNY”.

But he didn’t. (Long story short, we rescued a bunny and was keeping it in the house until we could get it ready for the wild). Look at the face of the guilty. We are slowly weaning him off the crate, (letting him stay home alone out of the crate for short periods of time, letting him sleeping in our room, etc).

I hope this works. He has class tonight. I really do forget that he’s only 5 months old. I don’t like using age as an excuse, but his attention span is shorter than the 1-1.5 year olds in his class and he doing well. It’s just that hes so social and curious, that he doesn’t really wanna look at you for commands when there are lots of other dogs and people around.

We will get there.


Life with Bawse

After being cooped up all week due to the unpredictable rain, we decided to take Bawse out to Leesylvania Park and test his swimming instincts. They were there, but he definitely was scared. Which is to be expected, coming from a dog who is scared to walk into unknown places. He actually had to get CARRIED out into the water, and then he swam back to shore because he hated being in the water. Granted, it was the Potomac River. I wouldn’t want to swim in it either!

He’s such a character. If you pick him up and hold him over water, he starts doggie paddling…before he’s even in! I guess he just wanted a head start!


Life with Bawse

So guess what? After all the drama (not really) with Bawse eating sticks, we have come to realize he has seasonal allergies. Like his human Papa. Yep, those two on high pollen days are sneezy, with itchy watery eyes and breathe all heavy. Bawse now has to take allergy pills twice a day until the pollen is gone.

He’s like a real boy.

New things with Bawse, he’s no longer a stinky bad boy. He’s a smell good, good boy actually. He rings the bell if he needs to go outside. And he “goes to bed” when told, and on his own. Also, he’s got a new trick up his …paw? He pretty much holds his hands up when we shoot him with our fingers and say “bang”.

In his intermediate class, he’s still the class clown. He shows that he knows how to do what he is being asked, but then he just stops and lays flat out. Such a stubborn little guy. His trainer says he’s got a lot of personality, and hes fun, not to mention he’s the youngest in class so he gets distracted but he understands what is going on.

He did the funniest, weirdest thing in class the other day. Bawse likes to sit right in front of the trainer when shes talking (what a nerd). This time. he laid down completely…and starts peeing, LAYING down in front of her. Crazy dog?! Everyone in class laughs and when I ask him, “ARE YOU PEEING BAWSE?!” he turns just his head with a face like…what?

Silly pup.