Life with Bawse

So guess what? After all the drama (not really) with Bawse eating sticks, we have come to realize he has seasonal allergies. Like his human Papa. Yep, those two on high pollen days are sneezy, with itchy watery eyes and breathe all heavy. Bawse now has to take allergy pills twice a day until the pollen is gone.

He’s like a real boy.

New things with Bawse, he’s no longer a stinky bad boy. He’s a smell good, good boy actually. He rings the bell if he needs to go outside. And he “goes to bed” when told, and on his own. Also, he’s got a new trick up his …paw? He pretty much holds his hands up when we shoot him with our fingers and say “bang”.

In his intermediate class, he’s still the class clown. He shows that he knows how to do what he is being asked, but then he just stops and lays flat out. Such a stubborn little guy. His trainer says he’s got a lot of personality, and hes fun, not to mention he’s the youngest in class so he gets distracted but he understands what is going on.

He did the funniest, weirdest thing in class the other day. Bawse likes to sit right in front of the trainer when shes talking (what a nerd). This time. he laid down completely…and starts peeing, LAYING down in front of her. Crazy dog?! Everyone in class laughs and when I ask him, “ARE YOU PEEING BAWSE?!” he turns just his head with a face like…what?

Silly pup.



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