Pistachio Macarons

I have really been into baking lately. Maybe because I started hustling┬ácupcakes on the side, so I am more interest in baking unique cupcakes and treats. What can be more unique than attempting to bake your own macarons? They have been notorious for bringing fear into the home baker’s kitchen. But I am fearless. This is my second go at making macarons, and this was definitely the faster of the two favors.

There are three classic macaron flavors that are my favorite. Pistachio, Salted Caramel and Raspberry. I’ve made one out of three and eager to try to make the rest. And then even make up my own flavors if all goes well. But will baking them be better than going out to buy some on demand? Good question, we will find out!

Almond flour is known to be expensive. But if you mill it yourself, it’s not bad at all. I got an 8oz bag of slivered almonds for $4.99 and that bag made 2 different batches of macarons (granted they were mixed nut ones) and the ingredient list is fairly short. Thank goodness for my cuisinart spice and nut mill!
I mixed one tooth pick dip of Kelly green food coloring in my egg whites before dipping to get this awesome color. I should have spaced them out more!

But they still developed their pieds (feet) and I am happy!

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