Life with Bawse: Hiking


Okay, lets be honest. I don’t feel like what we did was really hiking, more like taking a stroll on rugged terrain. We were planning on going to the Shenandoahs this weekend but it was scheduled to rain. We still wanted to get out so we too the pup to Great Falls, VA.


Bawse got a new backpack and we wanted to test it out. It’s perfect. He can carry his own water, bowl, treats, food, and poop bags now yay! And he walks pretty normal with it. We got him the Kurgo Wander Dog Pack¬†and it’s perfect for our pitbull.


Bawse was so excited, he basically pulled the whole time. Not fun for his daddy. For the most part he was good at ignoring the other dogs, unless he was allowed to meet them. He met a girl pitbull and he was totally smitten he didn’t wanna leave her to continue our walk.


There was one weird guy with a labradoodle that kind of annoyed me though. We saw them coming, so we stepped off trail, and had Bawse sit and focus on me. He was doing really well, and all would have been fine if they guy kept walking past. But no, he just stopped in front of us with his dog.


Like. Really bro, wtf. Keep it moving. He didn’t say anything he just stood in front of us. Bawse must have felt uncomfortable because after sitting for a little while and them not moving on Bawse went towards the other dog, who then tensed up and they lunged at each other. We decided to just start walking. That was weird. And annoying.


Other than that he did pretty good, he just needs practice and desensitize from all the excitement of the sights (which I doubt will ever happen because nature is too exciting)!


The best part is a worn out puppy afterwards!

Life with Bawse

So my little guy is neutered. It was a long time coming. He was supposed to get it done when he was 5 months, but because of his sensitive tummy, he wasn't getting enough iron. He recently was neutered and had a benign tumor removed.

He still a super happy, friendly puppy. And a ladies man, as seen here at my sorority dinner.

He is 8 months at over 60 lbs, but he's still a little guy. Just compact and strong. He finished his training at petsmart, but we decided against letting him take his AKC good citizen certification before neutering. Once he heals, we are going to work with him again to take that test.

My poor guy after surgery. He got a tumor removed, castrated, and he had an ulcer in his eye. But he's healing up well and still has his puppy energy and playfulness.

Life with Bawse: Puppy Monster

It finally happened. We knew it would one day. We just didn’t think it would happen this late, and assumed he was going to skip it. Lies. We were really good about not letting him chew shoes or wires. He got the corners of my dining table here and there, but for the most part, he stays away from those three things.

We want to eventually get him out of the crate (because who likes having a giant cage in their living room?). But we tend to forget, he’s only 5 months. Hes only been on earth, for 5 months. Just because he’s obedient and understands you for the most part…doesn’t mean he’s not a puppy. Which means, teething, short attention span and high energy.

What finally happened? He made a “huge” mess, in which he chewed through things and shred up stuff. However, the only damage was 2 Taylor Swift CDs, 2 DVDs, and a bag of tea candles that smell “Hawaiian”. I kind of knew it was going to happen, but i didn’t do anything about it, so we didn’t get too mad at him. All week, he was walking by the IKEA bag, and sniffing for the treats and the candles it in. But like an idiot, I never put the bag of stuff away. Fast forward a couple days later, we go out for dinner, and come home to a messy living room. My first thought was, “HE KILLED THE BUNNY”.

But he didn’t. (Long story short, we rescued a bunny and was keeping it in the house until we could get it ready for the wild). Look at the face of the guilty. We are slowly weaning him off the crate, (letting him stay home alone out of the crate for short periods of time, letting him sleeping in our room, etc).

I hope this works. He has class tonight. I really do forget that he’s only 5 months old. I don’t like using age as an excuse, but his attention span is shorter than the 1-1.5 year olds in his class and he doing well. It’s just that hes so social and curious, that he doesn’t really wanna look at you for commands when there are lots of other dogs and people around.

We will get there.


Life with Bawse

After being cooped up all week due to the unpredictable rain, we decided to take Bawse out to Leesylvania Park and test his swimming instincts. They were there, but he definitely was scared. Which is to be expected, coming from a dog who is scared to walk into unknown places. He actually had to get CARRIED out into the water, and then he swam back to shore because he hated being in the water. Granted, it was the Potomac River. I wouldn’t want to swim in it either!

He’s such a character. If you pick him up and hold him over water, he starts doggie paddling…before he’s even in! I guess he just wanted a head start!


Life with Bawse

So guess what? After all the drama (not really) with Bawse eating sticks, we have come to realize he has seasonal allergies. Like his human Papa. Yep, those two on high pollen days are sneezy, with itchy watery eyes and breathe all heavy. Bawse now has to take allergy pills twice a day until the pollen is gone.

He’s like a real boy.

New things with Bawse, he’s no longer a stinky bad boy. He’s a smell good, good boy actually. He rings the bell if he needs to go outside. And he “goes to bed” when told, and on his own. Also, he’s got a new trick up his …paw? He pretty much holds his hands up when we shoot him with our fingers and say “bang”.

In his intermediate class, he’s still the class clown. He shows that he knows how to do what he is being asked, but then he just stops and lays flat out. Such a stubborn little guy. His trainer says he’s got a lot of personality, and hes fun, not to mention he’s the youngest in class so he gets distracted but he understands what is going on.

He did the funniest, weirdest thing in class the other day. Bawse likes to sit right in front of the trainer when shes talking (what a nerd). This time. he laid down completely…and starts peeing, LAYING down in front of her. Crazy dog?! Everyone in class laughs and when I ask him, “ARE YOU PEEING BAWSE?!” he turns just his head with a face like…what?

Silly pup.



Life with Bawse

I don’t want to start out every post with like…”He’s grown so much!” But it’s true! He is into his intermediate classes now, and we have to make his collar a little bigger every few days. As you can see, he still is treated like a baby (by his daddy) and he still comes and sits on my lap if I sit on the floor to read. I hope he doesn’t get too, too big. I hear some full grown pit bulls get to be about 65 lbs to 80 on average. He’s a short little guy and we envision him to be muscular and stocky, but who knows!?
The family is coming to visit for Memorial Day weekend, this includes a toddler (3 year old) and a baby (11month old) and two teenagers …I wonder how he will react. He’s around three year olds pretty often, and he just kinda lets them torture him. And when he can’t take it anymore, he hides behind me.
Recently, he got into some sticks, which scratched up his tummy causing him to have problems in the anal region. Not fun. He had to be put on antibiotics…and probiotics (does anyone else think that sounds s little counter productive?) he was also put on a bland diet.
The doctor said that I could cook for him or pick up presecription food. What? I can cook for my puppy?! Of course I chose that option. I boiled chicken thighs (straight up, no seasoning, nothing), then I cooked plain white rice in that chicken water. I shredded that chicken and stirred it into the rice. Let it cool, then stirred in the powdered probiotics.
The antibiotics was a different story. I stuck it in a piece of chicken… He spit it out after he finished the chicken. I rolled it in a ball of rice…he spit that out. The doctor told me not to just leave it in the bowl because she wanted to make sure he ate it. Well I did it anyway and watched him. He licked the bowl clean and ate the meds. Didn’t even notice that in there. Win!


Life with Bawse: Puppy Graduation

He made it!!! I was worried, because I’m always worried. But he passed. How could I doubt my smart little guy? Puppy class is for pups 3 months to 5 months. They are INTRODUCED the basic commands…sit, come, stay, wait/watch me, lay down, leave it, drop it.

He gets these concepts, but he still chooses to do them when he WANTS to. But that’s why he’s starting his intermediate classes RIGHT AWAY. The following week actually.
We also taught him to sit and high five. Now if only he would “come” and “stay” when we tell him too. Oh, that and get him to stop MARKING and peeing in the house. You live here, you don’t need to leave your mark! All the toys are yours buddy!


And he sleeps with his eyes open and his tongue out. Silly Pup.

Life with Bawse: Breed Discrimination


Bawse is an American Pitbull Terrier. At 16 weeks old, he’s 24 lbs of solid muscle and excess wrinkly skin. He loves his mama and his papa. He knows our pack. He follows our pack. Sometimes he gets distracted, like all small children, but he can behave, is smart, sweet and stubborn. He’s a puppy. He didn’t choose to be born, he didn’t choose to be born a pitbull, but we CHOSE to give him a good home, love, and training.

Bawse goes to puppy school. He goes to puppy day care. He goes to the dog park. He’s socialized with other dogs, small animals, small people, and big people. He knows when to play rough and when to be gentle. Yet despite all this. People judge him by his looks.

“Is that a pitbull?” says a woman rudely, as she hogs two tables outside a local froyo place. “Yes.” I say. She scoffs, and returns to stuffing her face with her large bowl of froyo. I was going to ask if I could sit at her table with her, but I decide against it since she gave off such a stank attitude. I walk Bawse over to the side. Ask him to sit, and wait patiently while daddy gets us froyo.

The stank faced lady’s kids asked her if they could go pet my puppy, and she promptly responds,” NO. It’s a pitbull”. The kids, having no idea what different breeds were, and just saw a small puppy asked, “WHAT’S A PIG BULL?”. The lady just says no, and tells her kids something along the lines of bad dog, or bite you. I only half listened because I was so frustrated and holding back anger.

HOW DARE SHE ASSUME my puppy was bad, or vicious? Does she also assume that I am a no good hoodlum because I am covered in tattoos? I get it. People will always judge. Be the bigger person. Blah Blah, I understand. She doesn’t know how sweet my little guy is. She doesn’t know him. Fear of the unknown is understandable. But why did I get so mad? I see breed discrimination, the same as racism. Small dogs can be vicious, and aggressive (AND they pick fights with Bawse at the dog park) yet no one gives a shit because they are small and people aren’t intimidated. If a rumble goes down at the dog park, and Bawse is anywhere near it, close minded, snotty owners will automatically assume its him. I prefer him to play with his great dane buddies who actually rescue him from the wanna be badasses like the westies that wanna dominate him because he’s young.

Pitbulls get a bad rep. I know this. I didn’t actually think I would face it in my lifetime with Bawse. My friends, and family, all have pitbulls or love pitbulls and I surround myself with open minded people. This lady is not my friend, nor do I know her personally. But she’s raising her kids to be judgmental and presumptuous. Good luck to them, and their future with a mom like that.

I hope that I am making the right choices in training and socializing him. Maybe people will meet him, and realize, that just like human children, it’s all about how you raise them.

Life with Bawse

So this little guy has been in our lives for about two months. The first month was rough. He was pretty much just this lump of soft fur that cries, poops, and pees every where. I was pretty much an anxious ball of stress.

But we made it through. As he got older, he learned that we will always come back to him, so he doesn’t have to cry so much. He learned that we love him, that we feed him and that we give him a happy home.

He trusts us and he listens to us. Whether or not he does what we tell him to is a different story, but at least he knows we are trying to communicate to him and hes receptive. He is in school now, as well as learning things at home, and going on puppy play dates and is becoming a very sweet, well mannered puppy.

I know longer feel stressed out, and think, “OMG what was I thinking,” and I actually miss him all day when I’m at work.

He plays rough with big dogs, and is gentle with small dogs, children…and my hamster.

He can sit, shake, and high five. He goes to his bed when told. He is still mischievous and pushing the limits, but he knows who’s boss!

A New Addition

There’s a new little guy in my family. What was I thinking? I am very particular about how my house is kept. No dogs on the couch, when my friends bring theirs. No POOPING, NO PEEING, NO FUN. And here I am in love with this little guy. My life is full of cooking, blogging, designing, eating, traveling and now I want to start a youtube channel…all while potty training and loving my new baby. Am I crazy? I hope not.


Luckily I am not a single parent in this situation, and its just another element of chaos in my adventure of life. And a new character to write about in my blog. If you don’t like dogs, and you just want to come here for food…sorry. I guess you can just filter out posts by category! But seriously, who doesn’t like dogs? Even people who are scared of dogs, like them.


First adventure with Bawse? Potty Training. Wish me luck. Tips are appreciated!

He’s a peculiar little guy. He might be half bat. He is completely knocked out and sleeping upside down!

I don’t always go outside, but when I do, I wear a sweater. Stay warm my friends. – Bawse

He has a facebook.