Life with Bawse

So this little guy has been in our lives for about two months. The first month was rough. He was pretty much just this lump of soft fur that cries, poops, and pees every where. I was pretty much an anxious ball of stress.

But we made it through. As he got older, he learned that we will always come back to him, so he doesn’t have to cry so much. He learned that we love him, that we feed him and that we give him a happy home.

He trusts us and he listens to us. Whether or not he does what we tell him to is a different story, but at least he knows we are trying to communicate to him and hes receptive. He is in school now, as well as learning things at home, and going on puppy play dates and is becoming a very sweet, well mannered puppy.

I know longer feel stressed out, and think, “OMG what was I thinking,” and I actually miss him all day when I’m at work.

He plays rough with big dogs, and is gentle with small dogs, children…and my hamster.

He can sit, shake, and high five. He goes to his bed when told. He is still mischievous and pushing the limits, but he knows who’s boss!

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