Simple Steak Dinner

I used to be so intimidated by the idea of cooking a steak myself. But then I finally was like. Time to test it. Easy peasy. All you need is a little bit of salt and pepper and a well cut, perfectly done steak will speak for itself.

Sometimes during the week, I am so tired from work, and I don’t want to cook anything too time consuming or elaborate. And sometimes you just need a STEAK. Luckily, steaks don’t take that long and you can get it done fairly quickly. Here is the step by step. It’s barely a recipe!

When I get home, I like to pull the meat out of the fridge right away, rinse, and pat dry. I rub a little bit of vegetable or canola oil on it (not olive) and then season both sides, and let it sit out while I prep the veggies and heat up the grill pan. This is important because bringing the meat to almost room temperature helps it cook evenly!

Asparagus. People always make fun of my pee when I post pictures of asparagus, but you know what? I like fresh asparagus! It tastes good to me. Rinse those off, and hand break the stems off the bottom. Did you know that the hard parts will break off itself at the right spot? Don’t cut it because you might cut off too little and be left with a tough piece. Your welcome for that tidbit.

I toss this in olive oil and a little seasoning, let that sit and heat up my grill pan. Make sure its nice and hot. I like to oil the pan a tiny bit, so that I can see when it starts smoking and then I lay the steak down. Depending on how you well you want it done and how thickly cut your steak is will determine cook time. I like mine medium well or medium. So I usually do 3 minutes, then slightly rotate (to get criss cross grill marks) for another minute. Then I flip it and use the cheek test to know when its done.

What’s the cheek test? Let me tell you. If you press the middle of your steak with your finger, and its the same softness as your cheek, its rare. If it’s the same as your chin, medium, and your forehead, well. ITS A LOOSE TEST don’t get mad at me if you don’t have good cooking instincts.

After that, let the meat sit on a cutting board (so the meat can rest) and clean the pan and grill the asparagus until bright green and tender with a little crunch.

Well now I am hungry. How about you?

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