A New Addition

There’s a new little guy in my family. What was I thinking? I am very particular about how my house is kept. No dogs on the couch, when my friends bring theirs. No POOPING, NO PEEING, NO FUN. And here I am in love with this little guy. My life is full of cooking, blogging, designing, eating, traveling and now I want to start a youtube channel…all while potty training and loving my new baby. Am I crazy? I hope not.


Luckily I am not a single parent in this situation, and its just another element of chaos in my adventure of life. And a new character to write about in my blog. If you don’t like dogs, and you just want to come here for food…sorry. I guess you can just filter out posts by category! But seriously, who doesn’t like dogs? Even people who are scared of dogs, like them.


First adventure with Bawse? Potty Training. Wish me luck. Tips are appreciated!

He’s a peculiar little guy. He might be half bat. He is completely knocked out and sleeping upside down!

I don’t always go outside, but when I do, I wear a sweater. Stay warm my friends. – Bawse

He has a facebook.

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