Life with Bawse

So my little guy is neutered. It was a long time coming. He was supposed to get it done when he was 5 months, but because of his sensitive tummy, he wasn't getting enough iron. He recently was neutered and had a benign tumor removed.

He still a super happy, friendly puppy. And a ladies man, as seen here at my sorority dinner.

He is 8 months at over 60 lbs, but he's still a little guy. Just compact and strong. He finished his training at petsmart, but we decided against letting him take his AKC good citizen certification before neutering. Once he heals, we are going to work with him again to take that test.

My poor guy after surgery. He got a tumor removed, castrated, and he had an ulcer in his eye. But he's healing up well and still has his puppy energy and playfulness.

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