Life with Bawse: Puppy Graduation

He made it!!! I was worried, because I’m always worried. But he passed. How could I doubt my smart little guy? Puppy class is for pups 3 months to 5 months. They are INTRODUCED the basic commands…sit, come, stay, wait/watch me, lay down, leave it, drop it.

He gets these concepts, but he still chooses to do them when he WANTS to. But that’s why he’s starting his intermediate classes RIGHT AWAY. The following week actually.
We also taught him to sit and high five. Now if only he would “come” and “stay” when we tell him too. Oh, that and get him to stop MARKING and peeing in the house. You live here, you don’t need to leave your mark! All the toys are yours buddy!


And he sleeps with his eyes open and his tongue out. Silly Pup.

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