Life with Bawse

You can scroll and look at the cute pictures. The below is just me ranting about the injustice that pitbulls get for looking the way that they do.

This puppy. So much has happened. He is finally potty trained, did I mention that? THANK GOODNESS. He is now almost 11 months, and almost 70lbs. He still seems like a little guy, but he just all muscle. His face is still the sweetest face and his temperament goes to match. He goes to a daycare where he hangs out with 2 little boys ages 3 and 4.

Despite being a friendly and submissive pitbull, he still gets discriminated against? What, I should probably stop writing about it, because it still happens and really nothing I can do about other people's ignorance. Aside from proving them wrong after and having them be scared to make eye contact with me after.

Yep. I'm talking about at the dog park when some jerk yelled at us because Bawse was playing with his dog. He wasn't even watching his stupid dog, who repeatedly came up to Bawse who was playing with his German Shepard puppy friend Nalu and tried to start stuff. This husky was clearly a jerk. He kept coming through biting at Bawse's jowls and then running off, taunting Bawse to chase him. None of the times Bawse ran after him did he catch the husky, because Nalu, being the great shepherd that he is would always distract Bawse before he caught up to the husky.

The owner, who has been evil eyeing Bawse since he came into the park (we were there first), was so busy chit chatting to even see what his dog was doing. And the one time he looked up and saw my pitbull chasing his jerk husky he has the audacity, to tell us to take our dog and leave. Wow. Are you racist too you ignoramus? He yells at us about our dog bullying his, and how our dog is aggressive. Are you fucking kidding me? Have you SEEN how my dog plays? He's getting humped by every dog, and not fighting it, and he is constantly on his back letting all the other dogs sniff and dominate him. After awhile (because we weren't going leave on principle) he saw that he was wrong. And ignorant.

I can guarantee that I am more vicious than my dog. You can make fun of me, judge me, call me names all you want. It doesn't bother me. I know who I am and I am happy with myself as a person. BUT DON'T YOU DARE openly judge my dog, and cast your ignorant opinions out loud to me in public. My pup would love you regardless, he will lick you, greet you and love you, and he doesn't even know you. Because that is how dogs are. Why couldn't he give my dog the same chance to make an opinion instead of coming in with this idea of what Bawse would be like. It gets me upset, because like with people you can't just judge them by race, you formulate your opinions on your individual interaction with that person.

This makes me not want to go to dog parks. Puppy play dates anyone?

So, Bawse is also on some kind of separation anxiety/destruction mode. Might I add, they he was in his crate before we left. And this happened when we got back. I no longer have a couch. I am hoping he grows out of this stage.


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  1. I stopped by the grocery store last week and there were two beautiful pit bulls in the truck next to us. The windows were completely down, it was a nice day out. I pointed the dogs out to my kids so they could see them, but told them not to touch because you don’t touch any dog without the owner’s approval and the owners were not around.

    When we came back out the guys with the dogs were getting into their truck and I pointed it out to the kids again, see, the dogs’ owners are back! I had meant to ask if they were friendly, if my son could pet but the driver got all riled apparently thinking I said something about his “bad dogs”. I corrected him that I didn’t say that and that we had been admiring them earlier but that I don’t let my kids touch any strange dogs without the owners (which I feel is the very best strategy). He just kept on and on about how they were his kids dogs and they aren’t bad dogs and blah blah blah … we didn’t visit with the dogs, we got the hell out of there.

    This is all to say that just like most reasonable people say, it’s all about the people and not the dogs. Those dogs were owned by a jerk. He may had heard people say not nice things about put bulls but he certainly didn’t need to put words in my mouth and perpetuate stereotypes about pitbull owners (at least in my area), especially since I said nothing of the sort.

    Bawse is adorable.

  2. Aww poor Bawse! That guy was a jerk! My friend also runs into the same issues with having a pit bull. Her dog Tonka is the sweetest guy yet he gets discriminated against too. She just doesn’t even bother going to the dog park anymore, which is sad, but she’d rather not deal with the idiots. So puppy play dates it is!

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