California Torilla in Lorton, VA

I don’t usually like to write about chain establishments, but sometimes when I get a chance to try something new to the area I don’t mind!

First off, I LOVE HARDSHELL tacos. I love the crunch. I NEVER eat softshell tacos. What a waste of a taco. If I want something soft I’ll eat a quesadilla. That being said, I love taco supremes from Taco Bell (don’t judge) and barbacoa tacos from Chipotle. BUT the only time I can have them is if I am going to eat them there. They get soggy, WAY TOO FAST at Chipotle.

Well there’s a new lunch place in town. California Tortilla. We were cruising the local shopping center to find a place for lunch, and lucky for us it was their training day. We popped in and ordered anything we wanted for free. While we ate, the owners and managers were there to tell us about the location, ask us our opinion and give us an extra hand with drinks and trash (don’t expect this on the regular, I think they were just getting feedback to be ready for their grand opening).

I ordered two hard shell tacos with steak and avocados, and I made it a “fresh deal” by added chips and guac and a drink. I ordered it to go, even though we were eating in. They pack the salsa and the sour cream separately…and guess what, by the time I got to the second taco, it wasn’t soggy. THAT IS AMAZING TO ME. I definitely like the vibe in there. They have a WALL of hot sauces, and a frozen yogurt place built in! They also have those touch screen drink fountains. SO MANY selections.

When asked how I liked this place, and if it was “better”, this is what I think. I feel like it tastes fresher. I like the guac better than Chipotles, and they have queso which is a favorite of the boo. They make everything in smaller batches to guarantee the fresh taste as well. I was happy with our lunch choice, and looking forward to eating there for lunch during the work day whenever I have a taco craving. They also have salads, burritos, quesadillas …so I pretty much can go there whenever I crave Southwestern food!


California Tortilla
Lorton Marketplace
Lorton, VA


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