Projects: DIY TMNT Plush Keychains

So, it is known that I love the teenage mutant ninja turtles. I’ve got everything. Tshirts, cups, mugs, toys, stuffed monster truck, water bottles, coloring books, shotglasses…you get it. Well I got a new car, and I wanted to hang a Raphael head from it.

But I didn’t want to spend like $25 on etsy for a head that its going to get gross from hanging outside of my car. So I made one myself.

This is a pretty big deal, considering that, though artsy, I’m not really crafty. I like the idea of it, but my execution…nonexistent. Sorry pinterest. But one day I just headed to Michaels, grabbed some felt sheets, and some stuffing and had at it. Not bad if I do say so myself!

**Trying out this new embedding through instagram thing. Not sure how I feel about it yet.

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