A Year in Review

Yes, it is the end of the year, and you know what that means, resolutions and recaps. Not saying that you care about what I did this year, but everyone likes pictures and lessons learned right? This has been a tremendous year for me. So many big changes. I didn’t get to ease into “adulthood” but I was launched in, kicking and screaming. Many losses, and plenty of gains. My mom told me that even aged years are harder (I’m 26) and as I think about it, I do alternate good and bad years.

However I don’t like thinking about it that way. I don’t like thinking that things are destined to be a certain way and that I don’t have control over my life. I believe in a free will and a free spirit.

My year in pictures.


My beautiful mother, strong and smiling until her last breath. As soon as 2011 hit, my heart was tested. My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcinoma of the lung. It has spread all over before she even noticed anything was wrong. After two bouts of emergency room stays, they broke it down to us. Three weeks to live. She told them that they couldn’t tell her what to do, and she’ll go when she’s ready. And thats exactly what she did, her strength, her determination and her spirit kept her with us for 3 more months. We celebrated our last mother’s day with her, and then she left us peacefully.

In order to keep myself from being depressed, from the sadness that just hit my life, I started writing for DCEventjunkie.com. Lisa sent me out to fabulous DC events, multiple times a week, so I got to enjoy myself, and share my adventures with you. Not to mention meet some well known individuals.

But after my mom passed. This is what happened…

And lots more traveling.


 Bought my first home.

First tree, first Xmas.

I realized this year that I am a lot stronger than I give myself credit for. If I look back on everything that I’ve gone through, I am still here today, not giving up on life and taking control of my own and constantly try to move forward in a positive manner. I am thankful for the friends that have shown me love, compassion and who’ve gained my trust. Life changes us, and the gaining and losing of friends are part of the growing pains.

I am a fighter and I will PERSEVERE no matter what happens in life. I’m ready 2012. Bring it! Bulletproof.

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  1. Miemo I love the website sorry to hear about your loss of your mother GOD doesn’t make mistakes he only makes angels and he’s the best, prettiest, and strongest one he could fine may God Bless you And your journey ahead

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