Rockin’ that new year

My first New Year’s Eve, out in the city… and it was exactly like this picture. A happy, glittery blur. I got to spend it with people I love and it was the most dancing I’ve done all year. It might have to do with the no dress code policy at Rock n Roll Hotel. Red chucks and a red dress guaranteed booty shaking and heel toeing all night. Started off the night at my favorite H street spot, Toki Underground where I had a couple Toki Monsters and stuffed my face. Afterwards we headed over early, checked our coats and started the night with DJ Dirty Steeeve. Greatest DJ evaaaaaar. Again if you ever find a party that he’s spinning at in DC…GOOO!!! It was such a good night. Open bar kept the buzz going and everyone was having a blast.

When midnight hit, kisses and hugs between friends went down…everyone was all smiles that we made it through another year. And then it hit me. 2012. The first year without my mom. 2011 is gone, and she will never see 2012. This a new year and we must leave all the bad, and start anew. Though I won’t leave her memory behind, the thought that  she isn’t touching 2012 physically, is upsetting.

Sorry to plug in personal feelings in there. I ended up bawling on the dance floor, and when my dear friends realized they were tears of sadness, everyone tried to comfort me…so from all the hugging …I somehow got covered in glitter.

One thing I didn’t expect from my first night out in DC for the new year was the puke that was everywhere. Every few steps there was a present left by open bar and party goers not acknowledging their limits. Girls walking barefoot, dresses hiked up so high you could see goodies, and security guards snapping pictures of lady snatches with no regard for privacy. It was terrible. I was disgusted by the guards actions. But word to the wise…don’t get sloppy… there are too many camera phones out there.

Luckily my group kept it classy and we made it out of there safely. AND I got to use UBER DC. The app works awesome, they showed us a picture of the driver and gave us the number of the lincoln town car that was coming to scoop us. AMAZING customer service. Our driver was Sikander and he was super professional, polite and considerate. My friend left her phone in the car and he called right away to let us know that he had it. Definitely would use it again. A little pricey, but you get what you pay for.

Overall it was an amazing night. Then we had dim sum the next day… WHEE!!! I love you guys!

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