Creme Brûlée : Conquered

Creme brûlée. I love it. However I was bound to just having it at restaurants because of my fear for torches. I really really had a taste for it, so I was like ehhh, why not? So I searched the interwebs and found a recipe that sounded good, and had at it. Equipped with World Market Ramekins and a pen torch from a friend.. I set out on my journey.

It was pretty simple… a pint of half and half, a pint of heavy cream simmered with one vanilla bean to infuse the flavors.

8 egg yolks whipped with sugar until it ribbons.

Slowly and steadily pour in hot cream mixture…

Pour into ramekins, place in a water bath and bake for 40 minutes. Fridge for 2hrs or over night. Then pour a teaspoon of sugar over the top, and blast with the torch until its a nice golden color… refrigerate for 30 mins… not too long tho, bc the candy shell will get soggy…

ENJOY. I was super happy with the outcome! NOM NOM FOR ME!

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