Lip Obsession

I don’t know what it is, but red lips are hot. I like looking at them on other people. I ask people all the time how they wear it. I’m so jelly. I have huge lips. Sometimes I feel like they take over my face. I’m pretty much just lips and lashes. I was scared to draw attention to them. A little self conscious even. My upper lip is significantly larger that my bottom lip. Someone once told me that wasn’t normal. So I’ve just been wearing lip balm.

NOT ANYMORE. Thanks to the help of Kimberly and Vitya (thanks for the tips ladies!) and encouragement from the boo. I had many random nights of just wearing lipstick at home to get used to see MYSELF in it. I finally eased into it. Starting with wearing it to work early in the morning and only applying it once, and let it wear out. To wearing it out at night to dark places…I am finally comfortable. FINALLY. Took a few months but HELLO WORLD. MY LIPS ARE HERE.

But because of that, now I buy too many lipsticks/stains. I think I will start sharing my reviews on my current obsession in case it would be helpful to someone else who wants to join the dark(er lips) side.

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