Apoterra Skincare


Let’s be real, after (and during) my pregnancy my skin was horrible. I did not have this pregnancy glow that everyone was raving about. It was dry, yet broken out. When you are pregnant and growing a tiny human inside you, you have to think about everything that comes in contact with your body, so you can’t really use harsh chemicals on your skin. Then after the baby was no longer physically tied to me, I was breastfeeding, and still had to think about what I was putting in/on my body.

I couldn’t use normal acne fighting stuff like salicylic acid or even Mario Badescu Drying lotion. So then I had to look at au naturale ways to take care of skin. I landed on Apoterra Skincare among the million natural beauty companies and decided to give it a shot. I have weird skin. Normally oily skin gets broken out, so you use a range of “drying” concoctions to rescue it…but I was also super dry (maybe because my body is using every bit of moisture to produce breast milk) so if I only used acne stuff I’d probably just crumble and die.

With this skincare line, I was able to mix a system that worked for me. And now that I’ve used it long enough to EMPTY OUT some bottles, I figured, yeah, I should probably write about it, because I trust it on my skin!

At first, the pimples were my first priority. I’m too old to be breaking out like this. I used their activated charcoal soap with sea salt. It came in a black bar. Washed my face every night with it, then I used the moisturizing night treatment. In the morning I would use the rose oil, after washing my face with just water. This method worked so well. My skin finally rehydrated and calmed down.

Now that my skin is back to normal and not as broken out I’ve changed my system. I now wash with a moisturizing bar soap. If I have broken out spots, I use their toner on the trouble spots. And then I use their clarifying oil on trouble spots, then the night treatment every where else. When I wake up I still wash with warm water and use the oil under my regular spf. It might sound like a lot, but it’s really not, and I’m finally glad to have my skin back to normal!


**All opinions are my own and I don’t even think Apoterra knows I exist. I bought all products with my own money and was not paid to share this honest review.

ColourPOP Cosmetics

After feeling and looking like a bum for a few months, I wanted to start my new job off right. Tucked in shirts, heels, and lipstick. After seeing so much hype about it on instagram, I decided to try out Colourpop Cosmetics.

The prices are super reasonable, so I decided to try a couple of lipsticks, eye shadows, their gel liner and cheek colors. And the result? I love it.

The texture is so cool. When you touch it, it feels.. soft and buttery? And you can apply with just your fingers. If you don’t mind getting your fingers dirty, this could be fun. I personally prefer brushes because I feel like its more precise. However, it’s easier to keep your fingers clean than your brushes.

I don’t really wear anything on my eyes except liner and mascara. I have oily eyelids and not much real estate there, but I got some anyways. I liked their summer look so I used that as my color guide. I got three colors for a tan golden look when combined. The pigment is really nice, but be warned their shadows with glitter in it is really…well. Glittery. Like it actually works. If that’s what you want. However, I’m a 30-something mother. This is not what I want. I haven’t really worn the eyeshadow on a regular basis, but I will bust it out for a date night.

Love the color selection. And they last pretty long on me. I started user the lip primer. It really dries out my lips and doesn’t make it last any longer than it usually does compared to my normal routine, so I personally can do without. But everyone’s lips are different. I did a lipstick challenge and the matte colors had very little reapplication times, and I eat and drink a lot during the day!

Omg. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these. I use them every day. I use a blush, a highlighter and the bronzer. I love the all year round sun kissed look, and its easy to apply and really buildable. I can see myself using these three until they are completely empty. For the highlighter, I use Wisp, and I dab it on with my fingers. The other two I use my sigma brushes.

Gel Liner
This applies really smoothly…but my greasy eyelids turn it into a smudgy look not too long after. But its great for waterline…which is what I use it for mainly now.

Eyebrow Pencil
Love this. The shade I got, (brown/black) is perfect for making my eyebrowz “on fleek”. Love that the brush is at the end of it so I don’t have to go looking for it when I use it. 

Overall I personally think it’s a great product line for the price. I know a lot of people complain that its hard to only have them online because you can’t try before you buy, but it’s so popular now I’m sure you’ll find someone who already has it for you to check out and do swatches. Or its cheap enough to try it out for very little risk. Good Luck!


Calvert Rejuvenations


Located past some winding road through trees (just kidding it wasn’t that dramatic) my sis Ashley and Tu went to have a spa day. We got Herbology Retexturizing Body Treatment. Which is basically an herbal scrub. The outside looked like a small medical office building, but inside was a lavendar little fairy land.

We were moved to a nice oasis room, where we were given tea and forms to fill out while our therapists were getting ready. Each of us were ushered into our own rooms. Here you can pick out your own aromatherapy scent. I chose peppermint.

Most of my body scrubs have been done on vacation as a treat yourself, but this place is really nice, and did a great job, so I might get another one at the start of spring! She was very good, and I love that the crystallized herbs soak into your skin so you don’t have to shower off the scrub before the moisturizing massage. It was a much needed “treat yo self” place.

Calvert Rejuvenations

Make Up Monday: Eye Liner


Okay, lets be girly for a second. I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup. But like most women, I do like it, and the idea of it. I’m more of the lets look like I’m not wearing makeup, make up. That being said, my face usually consists of mascara, and eyeliner only on the water line of the top lashes and tinted sunblock.

I love how some people always wear eye liner. The kind where they have the smooth line, and it’s winged out. I can’t do that. Or at least I don’t have the patience to, to practice. But I like the idea of it. So one day, my felt tip liner from Lorac died. I decided it wasn’t worth it for me to go get a higher end liquid liner. So I just went to target and grabbed one that looked cute. (I’m a graphic designer, I do judge things by its cover).

I knew for sure that I wanted a liquid liner, that would stay put, and I’ve had the best luck with the felt tip. Bring in Covergirl’s Bombshell Intensity Eyeliner in Pitch Black Passion. I was reading some reviews, about how it’s dry, yadda yadda. However, they must have changed the formula, or I am lucky, because mine was wet. It dries quickly enough that it doesn’t get everywhere when you open your eyes but wet enough for you to get a moistened q-tip to clean up your lines.

As you can see, I’m a little uneven, but I really like it, because it’s dummy proof enough for me! I found myself putting it on every day since I’ve gotten it. Barely takes me any time at all! I wanted to share in case you had the same girl troubles I do!

DryBar Georgetown


I am not cheating on my stylist. I promise. But I had a photoshoot, and my hair is in that awkward length that I don’t know how to deal with. So after hearing rave reviews about DryBar, I wanted to give it a shot!

This place is SUPER cute. I love the hints of yellow. It’s so cheery, bright, and happy. I booked the appointment online for me and Deana. We checked in, they offered us a beverage (I chose sparkling fruit punch, yum!) and waited until my stylist came to get me.EjfHVoDDwxrC4yRs.jpg

Here’s the deal. It’s not a full service salon. It’s just a place that washes, dries and styles your hair. So simple. I know you are like, I can do my own hair. Good for you, I can’t. Oh and by the way, it’s a professional. It’s $40 bucks, and you get to be pampered. I love it.Ā 8fNMoebGsKwIHaP3.jpg

Amber came out, sat me down at her station. Asked me when the last time I washed my hair. After finding out its been awhile (I know I’m disgusting and busy) she offered a double wash. I chose the Mai Tai, which is a loose beachy wave. After I decided, we went to the other room for a glorious relaxing shampoo. The best part of any hair styling situation.k0LwkyPt4R0PPaLI.jpg

My greasy before, while Deana still looks stunning.cLqImQ2M6iFSgvh1.jpgAnd after!

The Drybar Georgetown
1825 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC
(202) 609-8644


Maskeraide Sheet Masks

Scary. I know. Yet awesome. If you follow celebrities on instagram (don't judge me it's a guilty pleasure) you may see them with similar pictures. Except well, they probably still look glamourous compared to me. Any whoo… these are awesome.

BASICALLY, its a face mask, except it comes on a soft sheet with holes for your…holes on you face. Its got a nice serum that you let soak in your face for 20 minutes or so. I would leave it longer because it just feels THAT good. And the best part? At least for me? I don't have to rinse my face after. You just pat it in and let it dry.

They have all sorts of different masks to use, like party prep, all nighter, etc. I am going to try them all out, but currently this is my favorite! I am an affiliate, but all opinions are my own. But if you do plan on purchasing these bad boys, please use my link šŸ™‚

I will also be reviewing the other masks they have so stayed tuned. So far so good!!

The Honest Company

I've decided that I want to live a healthier, cleaner lifestyle. I've already stopped drinking alcohol for OVER a year now. What? Seriously. Yes. I have. I have moments where I'm like man, everyone is drinking, maybe I'll have some wine…but nope I don't, and I still have as much fun as everyone else. Plus I am happy to drive anyone home safely.

On that note, getting older I'm getting allergies that I never had before and my skin is doing weird things. So I started reading a couple of books on how to live and eat naturally (Kimberly Snyder per Suburbanette's recommendation, and The Honest Life per Amzster)

After posting that I ordered the Honest Company Products, I noticed that people wanted a review. My first set of products are the fruit and veggie wash, shampoo & body wash, conditioner, face & body lotion.


So this stuff is pretty awesome. I love eating nectarines and apples, but they always have a waxiness to it, plus the thought of everyone else touching it just gives me the heebie jeebies. When used per instructions, the fruit was left feeling clean and I could eat it no fear!It’s all natural and I’m excited to eat more apples in the upcoming season.

This is the shampoo and body wash. As a girl, I always felt those combos were for guys only. But I kind of like having one less bottle in the shower. Being all natural, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t feel as clean. The crucial test? After a wedding I was in, where my hair was sprayed with almost a WHOLE can of hairspray, and my updo was pretty much glued to my head, I was still able to get it all out. My hair was squeaky clean afterwards. Bonus, I could rub in the excess foam to wash my body too. I still added more though because I’m a germaphobe. The conditioner does what it’s supposed to.

This is also a two in one that I appreciate. I usually keep face and body separate, because thats usually how products are designed, but this is pretty gentle and light enough for face and body. I was a little weirded out by the texture at first. It’s not as creamy and thick as I am used to, but then I realized I like this more because it absorbs into your skin pretty quickly and you aren’t left feeling sticky. Which is partially why I don’t lotion up right after the shower usually. The only thing I don’t like is that there isn’t built in sunblock, like my usual face lotion. So I only use this before bed.

So far so good with these products. I’ve had no allergic reactions. The smell is sweet and gentle. I will let you know if there are any improvements on my skin or if anything else happens!

The Spa at Black Rock

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Warm weather is approaching, and even though it is having it’s off days, I really look forward to wearing dresses and skirts, but not before I get a full body scrub to get rid of all this winter skin. Yuck.

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That reminds me of the great service I had at the Black Rock Spa in Maui. Part of my birthday festivities was a day at the spa. I got the Maui Mikana Body Treatment which was amazing. Smelled so good and tropical and my skin felt so smooth and nourished afterwards.

But then we came back to the mainland…and my skin got EVEN drier. Gross.

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I miss Hawaii.


Makeup Monday: Birchbox

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Today’s face is brought to you by a crappy front facing android camera, and Birchbox. As you can see it looks like I have nothing on. That’s because people wear make up to look natural. I’m serious. Anyways. I’ve gotten two birchboxes so far and they are pretty fun. I am sure I will hate it in a few months, but as of right now, we’re cool.

I am only wearing two things,Ā Jouer Luminizing Moisture TintĀ in Bronze which felt like nothing…and looks like nothing. And someĀ theBalmĀ® cosmetics Stainiac. As you can see, I don’t really know how to use make up, but I tried to do the stain. I ended up with blotchy cheeks. I guess I will stick to my “warmth” with bareMinerals.

This is perfect for summer. When you want to look polished and not just rolled out of bed and went to work (which I usually do), tinted moisturizer, a cheek stain and mascara is enough to make you feel like you put in effort, but doesn’t feel like make up!

I’d do this again, but I have to rethink my staining technique!

Makeup Monday: Maybelline Baby Lips

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Remember my lip obession? Time to start reviewing. I love love love Baby Lips by Maybelline. They glide on super soft and smooth. They are SPF 20 (which is important because my lips are so big, that they FRECKLE. Yes this is true) and completely moisturizing. They are juicy and come in different colors, as well as two clear ones, Peppermint, and Quenched. I like peppermint because it works as my staple plain “chap stick” and has that familiar minty scent.

OMG. The smell of these lip balms are yummy. They don’t taste like anything though, if you were wondering. It gives you a light wash of color, so don’t expect it to work like a lipstick. These are my daily colors. Very little work since you use it like a lip gloss. No liner or lip brush needed!

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Clean slate.

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Peach Kiss

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Pink Punch

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Cherry Me

Out of all of these my favorite is definitely Cherry Me. It gives a red tint, which is a good way for me to transition from gloss to statement red. Also, if I am wearing a lip stain, and it starts to fade a bit, the Cherry Me is an easy pick me up!

What’s your favorite lip obsession?


Ā *I was not compensated for writing this review, I just like to share my review in case you needed something like this in your life too!