Maskeraide Sheet Masks

Scary. I know. Yet awesome. If you follow celebrities on instagram (don't judge me it's a guilty pleasure) you may see them with similar pictures. Except well, they probably still look glamourous compared to me. Any whoo… these are awesome.

BASICALLY, its a face mask, except it comes on a soft sheet with holes for your…holes on you face. Its got a nice serum that you let soak in your face for 20 minutes or so. I would leave it longer because it just feels THAT good. And the best part? At least for me? I don't have to rinse my face after. You just pat it in and let it dry.

They have all sorts of different masks to use, like party prep, all nighter, etc. I am going to try them all out, but currently this is my favorite! I am an affiliate, but all opinions are my own. But if you do plan on purchasing these bad boys, please use my link 🙂

I will also be reviewing the other masks they have so stayed tuned. So far so good!!

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