DryBar Georgetown


I am not cheating on my stylist. I promise. But I had a photoshoot, and my hair is in that awkward length that I don’t know how to deal with. So after hearing rave reviews about DryBar, I wanted to give it a shot!

This place is SUPER cute. I love the hints of yellow. It’s so cheery, bright, and happy. I booked the appointment online for me and Deana. We checked in, they offered us a beverage (I chose sparkling fruit punch, yum!) and waited until my stylist came to get me.EjfHVoDDwxrC4yRs.jpg

Here’s the deal. It’s not a full service salon. It’s just a place that washes, dries and styles your hair. So simple. I know you are like, I can do my own hair. Good for you, I can’t. Oh and by the way, it’s a professional. It’s $40 bucks, and you get to be pampered. I love it. 8fNMoebGsKwIHaP3.jpg

Amber came out, sat me down at her station. Asked me when the last time I washed my hair. After finding out its been awhile (I know I’m disgusting and busy) she offered a double wash. I chose the Mai Tai, which is a loose beachy wave. After I decided, we went to the other room for a glorious relaxing shampoo. The best part of any hair styling situation.k0LwkyPt4R0PPaLI.jpg

My greasy before, while Deana still looks stunning.cLqImQ2M6iFSgvh1.jpgAnd after!

The Drybar Georgetown
1825 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC
(202) 609-8644


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