After feeling and looking like a bum for a few months, I wanted to start my new job off right. Tucked in shirts, heels, and lipstick. After seeing so much hype about it on instagram, I decided to try out Colourpop Cosmetics.

The prices are super reasonable, so I decided to try a couple of lipsticks, eye shadows, their gel liner and cheek colors. And the result? I love it.

The texture is so cool. When you touch it, it feels.. soft and buttery? And you can apply with just your fingers. If you don’t mind getting your fingers dirty, this could be fun. I personally prefer brushes because I feel like its more precise. However, it’s easier to keep your fingers clean than your brushes.

I don’t really wear anything on my eyes except liner and mascara. I have oily eyelids and not much real estate there, but I got some anyways. I liked their summer look so I used that as my color guide. I got three colors for a tan golden look when combined. The pigment is really nice, but be warned their shadows with glitter in it is really…well. Glittery. Like it actually works. If that’s what you want. However, I’m a 30-something mother. This is not what I want. I haven’t really worn the eyeshadow on a regular basis, but I will bust it out for a date night.

Love the color selection. And they last pretty long on me. I started user the lip primer. It really dries out my lips and doesn’t make it last any longer than it usually does compared to my normal routine, so I personally can do without. But everyone’s lips are different. I did a lipstick challenge and the matte colors had very little reapplication times, and I eat and drink a lot during the day!

Omg. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these. I use them every day. I use a blush, a highlighter and the bronzer. I love the all year round sun kissed look, and its easy to apply and really buildable. I can see myself using these three until they are completely empty. For the highlighter, I use Wisp, and I dab it on with my fingers. The other two I use my sigma brushes.

Gel Liner
This applies really smoothly…but my greasy eyelids turn it into a smudgy look not too long after. But its great for waterline…which is what I use it for mainly now.

Eyebrow Pencil
Love this. The shade I got, (brown/black) is perfect for making my eyebrowz “on fleek”. Love that the brush is at the end of it so I don’t have to go looking for it when I use it. 

Overall I personally think it’s a great product line for the price. I know a lot of people complain that its hard to only have them online because you can’t try before you buy, but it’s so popular now I’m sure you’ll find someone who already has it for you to check out and do swatches. Or its cheap enough to try it out for very little risk. Good Luck!


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