Makeup Monday: Birchbox

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Today’s face is brought to you by a crappy front facing android camera, and Birchbox. As you can see it looks like I have nothing on. That’s because people wear make up to look natural. I’m serious. Anyways. I’ve gotten two birchboxes so far and they are pretty fun. I am sure I will hate it in a few months, but as of right now, we’re cool.

I am only wearing two things, Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint in Bronze which felt like nothing…and looks like nothing. And some theBalm® cosmetics Stainiac. As you can see, I don’t really know how to use make up, but I tried to do the stain. I ended up with blotchy cheeks. I guess I will stick to my “warmth” with bareMinerals.

This is perfect for summer. When you want to look polished and not just rolled out of bed and went to work (which I usually do), tinted moisturizer, a cheek stain and mascara is enough to make you feel like you put in effort, but doesn’t feel like make up!

I’d do this again, but I have to rethink my staining technique!

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