France Fever: What Am I Going to Pack!?

Don’t panic. You pack for trips all the time. You got this. Right? RIGHT? I GOT THIS? No. I don’t. What AM I GOING TO WEAR. Apparently France isn’t as hot as here. I have to¬†accommodate¬†for a lot of city walking, AND for beach. Blah. I need inspiration.

You don’t even have to read this post. It is just a reminder of what I need to pack for the week.

Things I need to pack for… Beach, hiking, going out, and city. Also a light rain coat. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah.

Toms, Chucks, heels, sandals, flip flops.



Source: via Miemonster. on Pinterest






Raincoat, sweater/cardigan, blazer





Specialty items:
Bathing suit, Straw Hat,Sunglasses






So I know what I need for sure, but I still haven’t put together OUTFITS yet. Ugh I guess at least this is a jumping off point. Cece says I should pack a striped shirt.




I think these will be enough inspiration.





I think I will be able to transform my american closet into a more fitting Parisian one for the week.

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