France Fever!



Hon, hon, oui oui! I’ve decided to replace this month’s food fridays with French Fridays, in celebration of my first trip to France this year. This is also because I need to eat healthier and exercise so no more food fridays of bad food. Super excited for my first international trip as an adult. As you may know my whole blog was created on the premise of letting my best friend in the whole world Cece, know what I’m up to in good ol’ U S of A. Now I get to experience a week in the life of a Parisian. Well my Parisian.



We will spend half the time in Paris, and the other half in Nice, at the beach! I will disconnect myself so that I can fill my camera and come back with plenty to share. I will be such a tourist. At least that is what I will tell myself. I want to make the most of my trip.



Also, I am ready to try real french macarons. I’ve had a few around here, but I have yet to be amazed and won over by these delightful looking treats. If I still am not enamored by the ones in France then I guess we weren’t meant to be. I actually have the same relationship with lobster. I tried it 3 times before I realized, I don’t like lobster. Crawfish and crabs for me.



Have you been to France? Is there absolutely anything I must do to make my trip complete?

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