River Riders West Virginia: Tubing

I think I have a weird fear of water that is involved with nature. I don’t jump at the chance to go into a river, lake, pond or even the ocean. I am happy with clean, animal free pools. I will get in the ocean, if I can see my feet (see: OBX adventure). But I wanted to try tubing. It took a lot of convincing from Deanna and the boo to convince me that everything was going to be fine. That snakes weren’t going to bite my butt, or that I wouldn’t get some kind of skin eating disease from the water.

Fears aside, after the storm that put out electricity in most of the DC VA MD area, we got on a river. We did flat water tubing through River Riders. Located in Harpers Ferry West Virginia, for about $30 bucks you get a tube, and a ride to the river, where you can lazily float along. The time that we went the water didn’t get too deep. We got to float down twice that day, since white water was closed due to fallen trees.

I had a lot of fun and I am glad I got to spend a day with my friends relaxing on the river. They have a store, which has bathrooms and changing stations so you’re not roughing it too hard out there. I would definitely go again, and its fairly tame if you get anxiety like me. They do have different levels of white water tubing/rafting as well..we’ll see if I’ll ever get at that level!

I survived!

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