Crafty Bastards DC 2012

Let me start off by saying, I know that this happened a little while back, but life was catching up with me!

My friend Marty and I decided it was time that we check out Crafty Bastards. We’ve missed out all the other years before, and this was our year. Armed with cash and full of coffee, we were ready to discover some one of a kind hidden treasures.

Set in Union Market this year, the booths were set up in rows, under a tent. However there was still a ton of people, so patience and a good attitude is definitely needed. There were crafty stations, where you could let your little one’s imaginations run wild, or you could learn a new hobby like crochet. Dogs were welcome, which meant you have to watch out so you didn’t trip over some people’s pets.

There were lots of unique things, and lots of great inspirations. It was all very visually stimulating. Marty and I had a pact, that if we could make it ourselves we wouldn’t buy it. She is much more crafty than I, so I was the only one that walked away with something.

I am building an altar for my maman so I wanted to collect some dia de los muertos items and I got this beauty from Michael Brown of UC Studios. They have an etsy store, but not all their pieces are up there since they have so many. So the best way is to find them at a craft show and flip through their (AWESOME!) stuff.

If you wanna plan an efficient trip…make a list of things you WANT to spend money on, and target those tables. There was stuff everywhere in no particular order, you can walk away with too much or nothing at all depending on how the crowd sways you!


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