Pho Real This Time

A lot has happened since I made my first pot of pho. I’ve actually gotten a lot better, and I think will continue to get better in the kitchen. There might even be the recipe for it at the end of this post, *gasp, I know. This is the ultimate comfort food for cold days/nights or even hangovers. Knowing how to make a delicious pot of pho is just good for the soul. Also, I did the math, making it at home the way you want it, is still A LOT cheaper, like less than $3 a bowl CHEAP.

With the cold weather being more stable, I will be making a lot more hot comforting foods at home. Warm bellies make for a good night sleep! Be sure to follow me on Instagram, I usually do play by plays in real time there. Or maybe not follow me if that’s not your thing!

First you are going to need a gigantic pot. But this really depends on how many soup bones and oxtail you want to use. I have a gigantic one because I use about 4-5lbs of soup bones AND a couple pounds of meaty oxtail!

As you can see, my bones roughly cover the bottom of the pot. So if you use a smaller pot, that’s one way to eyeball it. Make sure that you parboil the bones first to get rid of excess fat and blood that will make your pho water murky.

Once everything is ready for that pot, let that baby boil! While it’s doing that, this is prime time to get your extras together.

Ok I lied. There’s no recipe. This is a lot more complicated to explain than I thought. But I’ll keep working on it!

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