Bye Bye Coupe


Well this is a little bittersweet. Let’s take a trip down memory lane. I just graduated college. It was time to get a big girl car, on my own. I decided on a brand new 2008 altima coupe. First of it’s kind in 2007. I had to have it ordered and delivered to the dealership because I wanted a 6 speed manual.

It was my first loan. My literal freedom. No using parent’s car or insurance, I was solo. Accompanied by my first apartment with NO roommates. I was kind of kicking butt at life after college. At least I thought so. Now that I’m older, I am ready to ditch the couple life and open up to the comfort of 4 doors, or 5 doors since my new car will be a hatch, otherwise known as a wagon.

WHAT. I ditch a sporty coupe…for a wagon?! It’s not as lame as you think, trust me. The new car is going to be fast, yet super safe and dependable. I LOVE IT and I can’t wait until it gets here. I had to order this one too, because I wanted a 6 speed hatchback and there are none around here that I could find already on the lot.  I won’t go into detail about it though.

So why is it bittersweet? Well basically the car was around when my mom was around. She went with me to get it blessed. She worked at the dealership that I bought it from. And I just guess I feel like I am losing another piece of her, as I slowly move forward with my life. No longer in the apartment that she’s been to. No long have the hair that she’s touched (I chopped it all off and donated it to women who need hair after losing it to cancer). Soon, not the car that she once road in, and had adventures with me in.

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