Emerald in the Woods

 Our friends came up to visit this past weekend, and they wanted to go “camping”. The boo and I were like, alright! We have a 3 bedroom tent, let’s do this. But then other people in the group made the requirement of…running water and electricity. WOMP. So somehow we ended up in a beautiful log cabin (mansion) in the woods. Definitely check out Emerald in the Woods. It’s spectacular.

 This place could sleep I believe up to 20 people, but there was only 10 of us. We brought enough food for the week..but we only stayed two nights. It was fully equipped. TV, WiFi, game room with air hockey, hammock, grill, wrap around porch, giant kitchen, two car garage, 4 full bathrooms. This place was stocked. Linens, towels, toilet paper, everything was included. Basically we were in a luxury hotel in the woods with no made service.


We were definitely not “camping”. It was a weekend getaway, wrapped in the silence of the woods and dark lit sky of stars. I had a great time cooking in that kitchen, and have big meals together with our friends around the dining table. We ended our last night there around a campfire, roasting marshmallows and making s’mores.

I really enjoyed the peace and quiet and not having to think about my “fast paced” life at home. But now its Monday and we are back on the grind!!!

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