Exotic Fruits

It was one of those great weeks, where the exotic fruits are in season and on sale at the local ethnic grocery stores. By the way, if you aren't hip to those, hop to it. They have the best, freshest cheapest produce. Worth the drive if you aren't around the corner from it. I had longans, lychees and rambutans. HEAVEN. I remember when my mom and I used to road trip to Toronto, Canada, and spend a few days there filling our bellies with these delicious fruits. Mostly because back then, it wasn't as readily available here as it is now.

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Have any of you watched Ugly Betty? Remember when Adriana Lima was doing a photoshoot and she really loved her tico berries? Well those of you who know what rambutans are probably were like. WTF. Those aren't tico berries. They are rambutans?! Well it was just the rambutan's acting debut. Tico berries are a fictional character.

Lychees have become a little more mainstream. At some Asian Fusion restaurants, you can find them in cocktails, heck I've even had a lychee vodka bottle laying around the house. I usually get these in a can to snack on, but nothing beats the fresh ones! I have no idea how to pick them out, luckily they already came in a sack. I thought they wouldn't be sweet because they are green, but it still tasted the same!

And last but not least the longan. These remind me of my mom the most because it was one of her favorites. We would buy pounds of them. And I can remember the little brown seeds scattered on napkins around the house. Then my dad yelling at me to pick them up (even though it was my mom's mess). I love these. There's a sweet satisfaction when you bite into it, that quick pop, then a gush of sweetness that just brings back happy summer memories!

What other crazy fruits have you had?


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