In A World Like This: Backstreet Boys Concert

The last time I saw Backstreet Boys, all together live, was when I was 13, and Nick Carter was 16. It was my first concert ever. I was out with my other middle school friends. And my parents weren’t there. It was my first night on the town you could say. This was back when my room was dark because the walls were covered, every inch of magazine tear outs and posters of Backstreet boys, along with a tiny space on the ceiling above my head dedicated to Nick Carter.

Fast forward 15 years, and here they are again. Same dance moves, same energy, just a little more weight, facial hair, wrinkles. Same smiles though. Brian is still flipping and goofing around on stage. Kevin is still charming, smooth and suave. AJ is still super awesome and cool. Nick is still an attention whore trying to get all the ladies to love his magic mike moves and well Howie’s still just trying to get everyone to love him and notice him.


They were opened up by DJ Pauly D. Who did a fun set, while I was still eating my burger in the VIP lounge. It was a pretty short set. And then I got my teeny bopper squeal on when Jesse McCartney stepped out on stage in a suit and started singing his old hits, sprinkled with a couple new ones…that I DO LOVE. Realistically, Nick Carter and Jesse McCartney aren’t the type of guys I would swoon over in real life…but on stage what is it about the magic there that just wins a girl over?


My friend Megan (who is an awesome hair stylist by the way) got us the VIP package. Parking, lounge and seats. We were in row A. Close enough to make eye contact with them and share smiles. Did I mentioned, I've probably died 20 times that night? I had an amazing time singing at the top of my lungs, hanging out with Megan and friends. I was still a little sick. But worth every bit of it. If I could afford to do it again, I would. Now I feel a rekindled love for my 5 guys. To another 20 years boys!!!


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