Amelie’s Bakery

I don't know if you noticed but…I am slightly obsessed with macarons it seems to be the thing to do now when I go on a trip. Find macarons. So on a recent trip to Charlotte, North Carolina, I stopped in at Amelie's Bakery before heading home. This short weekend trip was no different. We went to the “petite” store, which is much smaller than their flagship store I am guessing. It was quite charming and tiny. I loved it. A chandelier made of cooking tools, and french artwork and paraphernalia all around the cozy bakery.

I had their caramel iced latte, a chocolate croissant, the gruyere and ham puff pastry and each of the macaron flavors they had out that day. Puff pastry, excellent, delicious, and I kind of want one right now, just thinking about it. Same goes for the croissant. Macaron flavors were fun. They had mixed berry (purple with a jam in the middle), ginger peach, lime basil, lemon butter cream, and raspberry. To be honest they all tasted about the same…like a sweet chewy cookie. The only one that stood out to me was the mixed berry, which was vibrant in flavor. It was a little chewy, but that's just not a preferable texture of mine. The other flavors were just sweet with a hint of whatever they were supposed to be.


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