La Caprice DC


I have found it. A croissant and pain au chocolat worth getting when I miss Paris. And it is at La Caprice DC. Right next door to the future home of Thip Khao. SUPER EXCITED. I was there the other day when I had to do some work at the new restaurant. Oh MY GOSH. I am so happy. And sad at the same time, because it’s not really convenient for me to go all the way to Columbia Heights when a wave of nostalgia for Paris hits. Someone wanna bring me some? Or can someone guide me to one in the Northern VA area? THANKS.

La Caprice DC
3460 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20010

The Little Pastry Chef

We made a quick trip to Princeton, New Jersey to support our team at First Class Fitment. As you already know, I had to get a taste of macarons while I was there. Found this place based off yelp. It isn’t known for their macarons, but there was limited information about macarons so I just took whatever I could get!

Super cute little shop with pictures of the baker’s adorable son everywhere. I am assuming he’s the little pastry chef. A display of cute tarts and mini treats looked appetizing but I was already full from lunch and saw that they had macarons.

I got the pistachio and lemon ones. They weren’t as pretty as I’m used to, and dare I say my pistachio macarons are better? The lemon ones were good though.

Based on the limited selection I would say don’t go out your way to get macarons in Princeton.



Bagel Barn

The first and best place we went to during our quick trip to New Jersey was Bagel Barn. Right when we walked up to it, a lady walked out complaining about how the line was out the door. Wonderful sign, I'd say. We decided to check it out anyway, because it seemed clearly worth it.

Filled with farm like decor, red and white checked table cloths, wooden signs and mini barns. The lines moved quickly and efficiently. Standing in line we met two guys who were also headed to First Class Fitment. They turned around and were friendly, made suggestions and recommendations on where to eat next. They were also subaru guys so we made new instagram friends (ha!)

I had the plain bagel with the lox spread, as well as a french vanilla coffee. Boo got a blueberry bagel with cheese, eggs and bacon. It was a purple bagel! All bagels are hand made, and they have a “hot bagels” sign. I love it.

It. Was. Amazing. Oh my god. I've never had such a delicious bagel ever. That first bite was heaven. And the lox cheese spread was perfect. I don't know what I am going to do because I know that I am going to go home and crave this every morning!


Amelie’s Bakery

I don't know if you noticed but…I am slightly obsessed with macarons it seems to be the thing to do now when I go on a trip. Find macarons. So on a recent trip to Charlotte, North Carolina, I stopped in at Amelie's Bakery before heading home. This short weekend trip was no different. We went to the “petite” store, which is much smaller than their flagship store I am guessing. It was quite charming and tiny. I loved it. A chandelier made of cooking tools, and french artwork and paraphernalia all around the cozy bakery.

I had their caramel iced latte, a chocolate croissant, the gruyere and ham puff pastry and each of the macaron flavors they had out that day. Puff pastry, excellent, delicious, and I kind of want one right now, just thinking about it. Same goes for the croissant. Macaron flavors were fun. They had mixed berry (purple with a jam in the middle), ginger peach, lime basil, lemon butter cream, and raspberry. To be honest they all tasted about the same…like a sweet chewy cookie. The only one that stood out to me was the mixed berry, which was vibrant in flavor. It was a little chewy, but that's just not a preferable texture of mine. The other flavors were just sweet with a hint of whatever they were supposed to be.


Dana’s Bakery


If you click the hashtag on instagram for macarons, I’m sure you’ve seen a post from Dana’s Bakery or of goods from there. As a lover and baker of macarons, I wanted to try these oh so pretty, and unique flavors. Since I was going to be out of town for my friend Deanna’s birthday, I wanted to send her a gift. After seeing so many pictures of macarons online, I figured I should send her a box, since they deliver, and because I got her some last year for her birthday.


They come in a cute purple insulated lunchbox with an ice pack in which you have to refrigerate immediately upon opening. I suggest that you stick them in the fridge and let them cool down before you enjoy them.  They got flavors like birthday cake, peanut butter and jelly, smores, and thin mint. American flavors if that’s what you want to call them. I think they are fun.


Visually and texture wise, they are great. The perfect size and you get that satisfying feeling when you first bite into it. I’m more of a fan of traditional flavors, so I was sad that there wasn’t pistachio or raspberry for me eat. But all of their fun flavors seem true to what they are supposed to be! A little too sweet for me though.

Not only are their macarons delicious, their customer service was great. We ran into a little shipping snafu, where the post office didn’t leave the box for Deanna, AND made her pay to pick it up. So by the time she got them, they were not refrigerated and eaten 3 days later. I immediately called the bakery, and they rectified the situation the best they can.

Definitely will order some more to try, they also have a flavor of the month club!


Chez Francois Macarons

In Ottawa they speak more English than they do French but tucked away in Westboro is a little place called Chez Francois. When we first walked in the lady was helping the customer and they were speaking in French. It was like we stepped into France…or Montreal. They had all French goods and gifts, but we were on a mission. Macarons for our pajama party. They had a tray of them on display.

Amy asked the lady for the whole tray…there was a little bit of confusion…I guess she didn't think we would want THE WHOLE TRAY, but yes, we did. Luckily there was a special, where it was buy 4 get one free. Our total ending up being $52! The flavors available were classics. Coffee, chocolate, vanilla, lemon, raspberry and pistachio. They were tiny but still the same price as the ones that I would find at home.

They were alright. I still like the ones at home better. I will have to try them again from Montreal!


Pistacia Vera

Why am I so obsessed with macarons? Is it because of the pretty colors? Or the gently sweet bite sized delight it delivers? They’ve been around forever and I am just now obsessing. I know, I am always late. Well, when I was in Columbus, Ohio I decided to see how the midwest does macarons.

Pistacia Vera calls themselves a dessert boutique. I agree. A cute little shop set in German Village, with tall windows, this place gets a little busy on the weekends. The staff is super friendly and very helpful. It gets a little tight in there but once you settle in its a nice place to hang out.


There is something for everyone, with plenty of hot and cold drinks to choose from, as well as a brunch menu and a long list of desserts to choose from. But lets talk about the macarons.

Yes they are different in the midwest. Or at least here. Their flavors include: yuzu pink guava, maple walnut, mocha hazelnut, gingerbread (seasonal) passionfruit, black raspberry, buckeye, chocolate cherry cordial, caramel pecan, coconut creme, pistachio, and peppermint chocolate.

As you can see, to my dismay, they don’t have the “classic” flavors I adore other than pistachio (which was awesome by the way). They do have a lot of unique flavors and colors which I admire. Pink guava was fun. The chocolate cherry cordial really tasted like one… too bad I don’t like those in their real form. Of course you can’t be in Columbus and not have a buckeye anything.

Over all they were REALLY good. They are more creamy in the middle because they use a buttercream filling instead of the classic jams. They are a lot more fluffy and chewy in the middle than the ones at home, but that again, goes to preference and I like both. Glad I can go visit Columbus and not miss out on my favorite dessert 😀