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If you click the hashtag on instagram for macarons, I’m sure you’ve seen a post from Dana’s Bakery or of goods from there. As a lover and baker of macarons, I wanted to try these oh so pretty, and unique flavors. Since I was going to be out of town for my friend Deanna’s birthday, I wanted to send her a gift. After seeing so many pictures of macarons online, I figured I should send her a box, since they deliver, and because I got her some last year for her birthday.


They come in a cute purple insulated lunchbox with an ice pack in which you have to refrigerate immediately upon opening. I suggest that you stick them in the fridge and let them cool down before you enjoy them.  They got flavors like birthday cake, peanut butter and jelly, smores, and thin mint. American flavors if that’s what you want to call them. I think they are fun.


Visually and texture wise, they are great. The perfect size and you get that satisfying feeling when you first bite into it. I’m more of a fan of traditional flavors, so I was sad that there wasn’t pistachio or raspberry for me eat. But all of their fun flavors seem true to what they are supposed to be! A little too sweet for me though.

Not only are their macarons delicious, their customer service was great. We ran into a little shipping snafu, where the post office didn’t leave the box for Deanna, AND made her pay to pick it up. So by the time she got them, they were not refrigerated and eaten 3 days later. I immediately called the bakery, and they rectified the situation the best they can.

Definitely will order some more to try, they also have a flavor of the month club!


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