Sleep Cycles


This week I’ve been trying a new thing. Not waking up with my alarm. I mean it’s set, but instead of being jolted awake by an alarm, and waking up cranky and unmotivated I tried something new. I read about sleep cycles and how they work, and decided to test it out for myself. And so far it’s worked!


Basically when you sleep there are 3 stages. Transition to sleep, light sleep then the much needed deep sleep. This is when your blood flows away from your brain and restores your body and your physical energy. Then there is also REM sleep which is when you dream and your arms and legs are paralyzed.


The theory is, if you get waken up in stage 3, it just ruins your morning…at least for me. I’m am a horror to deal with if I get woken up. Some of you are morning people, and that might be because you are waking up at the end of the deep sleep cycle so you feel more energized.

Any who. I’ve been just staying awake whenever my body wakes up. One day it was 4:45, the next it was 5:31 and then yesterday it was 4am. Cycles are usually 90 minutes long so I really think my body is running it’s cycle and I should just stay up if I don’t have time to sleep another cycle. It’s worked. I get up, have some tea, check on stuff, get ready, walk Bawse. I feel less rushed in the morning, and I’m not tired during the day!

If you would like to read more from the article that I got my information from click here!

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