My Macaron Equipment

Some of you wonder what I use to make macarons at home. Thanks for asking! There are always plenty of choices when it comes to kitchen stuff, and I LOVE having a kitchen full of a gadgets. You don’t necessarily need to use EXACTLY what I use, for example, I used a standmixer, but you could do the same with a handmixer. You’d just have one less hand to use to prep! All product links are from amazon. If you purchase them from here, I get a small percentage to help keep the site running, but please don’t feel obligated to use my links. I just like to recommend products I trust and use regularly.

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer: This is the best kitchen investment I’ve had. This thing has been with me through countless breads, cakes, cookies, frostings. Not to mention, freshly ground meat and making my own sausages. And now its helping me make macarons. Having the extra hand to whisk egg whites while I prep other ingredients is very helpful in time management.

Kitchen Scale: Macarons are so temperamental, especially if you use the classic french method. The best way to even out the playing field (sometimes humidity is a factor you can’t control) I prefer measuring ingredients in weight. Volume can vary because of the space in the measuring cup (clumped ingredients, or sifted, etc) but weight will always give you the same amount.

Silpats: There are other silicones out there (trust me, I’ve used two other types which were gifts) and they don’t always work like Silpats. I’m not usually a brand snob, but since feet are so crucial to macarons I have to only use these.

Chicago Half Sheet Baking Pans: These perfectly fit the silpats. I had other cookie sheets in bigger sizes, but these are the sized perfectly for the baking mat and helps keeps my kitchen efficient.

Piping Bags: 18 inches gives me enough space to fill a whole batch of macarons with one fill.

Large Decorating Tip: I use this for the circles and the filling

Spice and Nut Grinder: Sometimes I’m just too lazy to use the food processor or the vitamix, and this works with less clean up. But then it makes me wonder why I have SO many kitchen gadgets!

Fine Mesh Sieve: Use this to make sure all ingredients are smooth and light. Very crucial in making sure your shells have feet!

Bowls: I don’t need to link to bowls I am sure you have plenty!


Are you guys using anything different? Let me know!


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