Vertigo is Real and it SUCKS

Last Sunday, I woke up dizzy, and it went away quickly, so I didn’t think anything of it. I usually have low blood pressure, so I know that if I get up too quickly, I could faint/black out. I went about my day as normal, nothing seemed wrong.

Monday morning (the week of Christmas) I woke up dizzy again. Hmm, two days in a row. I waited a little bit because I thought it would go away. WRONG. I could barely stand, and I was so dizzy that I started puking. A lot. The honey had to give me crackers and no position would make my world stop spinning. So we went to urgent care.

They gave mea  shot in my butt, gave me some antivert and sent me on my way. The doctor told me it was vertigo, and that it should be over in 3 days. Lies. It has been a week, and I spent my entire Christmas break dizzy. It has gotten better, but I still can’t do things I normally do without the world spinning and making me nauseated (but I haven’t puked since before urgent care).

I’ve been doing some vertigo exercises before bed, and it’s been helping with resetting my internal balance so that I could sleep like a normal human (not propped up in a sitting position like I did before we started the exercises). I know some people who have it and live with it. I could not have imagined living like this. The urgent care doctor told me that our bodies are “silly” sometimes and things like this happen. I am way too busy, to live my life like this. The honey is scared it may be something bigger, so he is scheduling an appointment with a neurologist. I hope it’s nothing, and will clear up soon. Not looking forward to start 2014 in a dizzy haze 🙁

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