Happy New Year!

Hello 2014! Nope, I didn’t do a post with the highlights of the year. Nor did I share my goals. I do have a list though. And I’ve cleaned up the site a bit. But for now, I am enjoying the time off and really think about what needs to be done for 2014.

People love making resolutions, its just human nature. A new year brings a fresh start. The door closed on all bad things from the previous year and it gives hope for a better one. I’m not going to tell you that your resolutions are dumb, or post memes about the gym being full. Just remember to be realistic and make achievable goals

Life is going to be different this year for me for sure. My little brother is moving in with us, so life at home could become a sitcom. 3 people and pitbull in a condo. I will be working on my cookbook, adding another post a week here, and figuring out where to take my macarons! I hope to travel a little more, and I’m keeping a journal for my future daughter.

After realizing that I don’t know my parents marriage story, or what it was like for my mom to find out she was pregnant and what her pregnancy was like, it made me sad. What if I don’t make it to go through those things with my future daughter? I have two strikes against me already with cancer. As much as I want to be around, you never know. So hopefully my journals will help my kid in the future.

I wish you all the best in 2014! And hope you continue to join me in my journey of life here!

<3 Miemo


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  1. Sabaidee and happy new year! Hope you have an awesome year and you achieve all you set out to and a whole lot more. That cookbook sounds like a great idea! Best wishes. 🙂

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