Rob Schneider at DC Improv

DC Improv is one of my favorite venues for live entertainment. The atmosphere is very intimate, so it just seems like you are hanging out with your buddy, who just happens to be a famous comedic actor. At the Improv, if you get 8PM show tickets, seating is first come first serve, so the earlier you get there, the better. We got there right at 630 when doors opened and we were seated right next to the stage. I could see up his nose, and he made eye contact and talked to our group!
His opening act was a guy named Herbie Gill. The majority of the audience, if not all (besides us) were caucasian, DC yuppy types. I’m not being judgmental, I promise, I just wanted to describe you the audience type. I found Herbie’s jokes hilarious, and he was a DC native, young and struggling. I felt like he didn’t get as much laughs with this crowd.
I’ve never seen Rob Schneider’s stand up before. I just know he is in funny movies and I enjoy his characters. When he first came out, he scanned the crowd. I guess getting a feel for the audience. He started off not tickling my funny bones. He made very political jokes to start…very republican, Obama negative. I’m just don’t one to discuss politics so I sat quietly while everyone else laughed. Then he got to the racial jokes (why are these so funny to me?) where he told us about growing up filipino and the antic from his childhood. He moved on to marriage, and life and thats when he got really funny.
It was a rough start but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would see him again. He is getting old though! Since we were up close and personal, I could see the wrinkles and age spots. His eyes are a beautiful blue though! Afterwards, that weekend we watched a bunch of Rob Schneider movies. Did you know his mom makes a cameo in 3 of his movies? The Animal, Hot Chick and Deuce Bigalow: European Gigoglo. Can you spot her?


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