Impractical Jokers Tour at the Warner Theatre


I know some of you noticed, and maybe have pointed out that I am lacking in posts. But life is busy! And it will continue to be busy until the baby is born! Did I mention I’m working on a mama blog, separate from this one? Whaaaaatt??

My days have been filled with work, freelance, car stuff, working on baby shower stuff (not mine, I’m lucky to be pregnant with my friends!), birthday parties, appointments, prepping for baby, and some social events.


Luckily we got to fit in a date night. Hubs and I went to see The Tenderloins Comedy Troupe on their Impractical Jokers Tour. If you haven’t heard of them (what are you living under a rock?) They have a show on Tru TV called Impractical Jokers. 4 best friends who challenge each other to do pranks to unsuspecting people, embarrass each other and have a hilariously good time (at least for us viewers) to watch them do it.


We looooove their show, and their live show was just as entertaining. They tell us stories of their times on the road, behind the scenes snaps of pranks they do to each other when they aren’t “working” (pranking in front of a camera for their show). And stories of their life. There was a meet and greet afterward, that I wish I participated in, but basically after the show they let you bum rush the stage to take pictures and talk to them…I’m too pregnant for that.

I love their show and after being 5 rows away from them, I feel like they are very personable, and we could be friends. Next time, I’d definitely want to bring more friends and meet them!

Cool Cow Comedy


We went to the old Lorton prison to see a comedy show. When the husband checked in to “Lorton Prison” on facebook, it caused quite a stir to those not familiar with what happened to the prison…It’s no longer functioning as a prison. Its an arts center now. Crazy right?¬†Bmyd9Vg1ApozoQmF.jpg

It’s still got a prison feel to it. There are still some sections of windows with the glass all broken, yellowed and creepy. I kind of prefer it that way. Maybe because I am addicted to Orange is the New Black, and feel like I’m visiting them.rljk937FEkM1vM7N.jpg

We went to see Ryan Conner. Who I didn’t realize until he actually came out and told a joke about his mixed race family…that I knew once upon a time… and actually helped me move once.¬†tqsmuJfyjEr95BbG.jpg

The interiors of the prison really has transformed to a nice art space. Not that I would know what the original interiors looked like…E06dDiXUDqYeWUHG.jpgOh look a bar in prison!

The show consisted of three comedians. The MC, who told a few jokes of his own. An awkward guy from Brooklyn. And the main event Ryan Conner. He was actually recording his CD there tonight, so there were microphones set up, and we were the laughs!

I thought this was a cool little event, and the production company that runs it, hosts a show every month, for a reasonable price. A nice little date night idea for the summer!

Check it out: Cool Cow Comedy


Rob Schneider at DC Improv

DC Improv is one of my favorite venues for live entertainment. The atmosphere is very intimate, so it just seems like you are hanging out with your buddy, who just happens to be a famous comedic actor. At the Improv, if you get 8PM show tickets, seating is first come first serve, so the earlier you get there, the better. We got there right at 630 when doors opened and we were seated right next to the stage. I could see up his nose, and he made eye contact and talked to our group!
His opening act was a guy named Herbie Gill. The majority of the audience, if not all (besides us) were caucasian, DC yuppy types. I’m not being judgmental, I promise, I just wanted to describe you the audience type. I found Herbie’s jokes hilarious, and he was a DC native, young and struggling. I felt like he didn’t get as much laughs with this crowd.
I’ve never seen Rob Schneider’s stand up before. I just know he is in funny movies and I enjoy his characters. When he first came out, he scanned the crowd. I guess getting a feel for the audience. He started off not tickling my funny bones. He made very political jokes to start…very republican, Obama negative. I’m just don’t one to discuss politics so I sat quietly while everyone else laughed. Then he got to the racial jokes (why are these so funny to me?) where he told us about growing up filipino and the antic from his childhood. He moved on to marriage, and life and thats when he got really funny.
It was a rough start but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would see him again. He is getting old though! Since we were up close and personal, I could see the wrinkles and age spots. His eyes are a beautiful blue though! Afterwards, that weekend we watched a bunch of Rob Schneider movies. Did you know his mom makes a cameo in 3 of his movies? The Animal, Hot Chick and Deuce Bigalow: European Gigoglo. Can you spot her?


Comedic Hypnotist: Flip Orley

Did you just roll your eyes at the title of this post? I’m for real. Comedic Hypnotist. I’ve seen this guy 3 times…and it was a different show every time. What’s even more funny is…The first time I saw him, he just got married. The second time I saw him, he had a baby…this last time I saw him… He’s been divorced…4 times. Oh wait, that wasn’t funny? I guess not, but he made it funny. Ask him why he has 4 hoop earrings in one ear!

One of our couple friends are from Germany, and they want to experience all that DC has to offer while they are here… (they are moving in January :() So I decided to take them to a show at the DC Improv, specifically to see Flip Orley. He talks really fast (because he has to soothe and hypnotize his guests) so it was hard for them (and us!) to understand him sometimes. But the hilarity that ensued was understood in all languages.

If you’ve never been to a hypnotist show, let me break it down for you. The hypno-boy (his joke, not mine) comes out and he tells us about himself, usually in a funny way. Then he tells us about the powers of hypnotism, and how it works and why it works. He also tells us why it doesn’t work. He asks for volunteers to come up on stage, and for people in the audience to try to get hypnotized from there if they would like. Then he puts the moves on ya. After that he does a couple of things to filter people out who aren’t really¬†hypnotized, and continues on with the show. I won’t tell you what happens next, but its DEFINITELY fun.

However, its all relative. I did see one angry girl walk out because she didn’t think it was funny. But hey she was also one of the ones that couldn’t get hypnotized so maybe she was mad she wasn’t relaxed enough. All I know I was glad she left because her stanky attitude was ruining it for the rest of us.

Be sure to find him and CHECK HIM OUT!

Jo Koy LIVE!

I love comedy. Seeing a stand up comic live is even better. Especially when you are close enough to heckle. And I’m a heck of a heckler. Jo Koy is one of my (many) favorite comedians. I first watched him on Chelsea Lately (my favorite late night talk show). For the longest time I thought he was gay, because Chelsea always makes fun of him for being gay and asian…Which he’s not, and he’s only half. Half Asian, not half gay. I love Chelsea, but she makes fun of tattooed people, and Asians a lot…. both of which I am.

Any hoooo. JO KOY was in DC last week. I tweet him and follow his instagram and this cool guy actually tweets back. *swooon. For Vitya’s birthday, we went to see him for his first show…and I went to see him again SATURDAY for his last show.

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I was laughing so hard, and well worth seeing him twice, on the same tour. The main jokes were the same, but because he can hear us yelling random things, sometimes he’d steer his jokes that way, so both him and Orlando Baxter (his opening act) had a couple jokes here and there that made me laugh even harder because I was hearing it for the first time.

I got to meet him twice last week, since he holds meet and greets after his show. They didn’t let us take ANY pictures ourselves, so I have to wait for his people to upload them from their camera.

He is definitely a fun guy. I hope to be friends with him in real life. Harhar. Actually I should give him a break. He knows I exist. That’s all that matters to me.

Definitely check his comedy specials if you can, one of them is on netflix, and Lights Out just came out last week.