Cool Cow Comedy


We went to the old Lorton prison to see a comedy show. When the husband checked in to “Lorton Prison” on facebook, it caused quite a stir to those not familiar with what happened to the prison…It’s no longer functioning as a prison. Its an arts center now. Crazy right? Bmyd9Vg1ApozoQmF.jpg

It’s still got a prison feel to it. There are still some sections of windows with the glass all broken, yellowed and creepy. I kind of prefer it that way. Maybe because I am addicted to Orange is the New Black, and feel like I’m visiting them.rljk937FEkM1vM7N.jpg

We went to see Ryan Conner. Who I didn’t realize until he actually came out and told a joke about his mixed race family…that I knew once upon a time… and actually helped me move once. tqsmuJfyjEr95BbG.jpg

The interiors of the prison really has transformed to a nice art space. Not that I would know what the original interiors looked like…E06dDiXUDqYeWUHG.jpgOh look a bar in prison!

The show consisted of three comedians. The MC, who told a few jokes of his own. An awkward guy from Brooklyn. And the main event Ryan Conner. He was actually recording his CD there tonight, so there were microphones set up, and we were the laughs!

I thought this was a cool little event, and the production company that runs it, hosts a show every month, for a reasonable price. A nice little date night idea for the summer!

Check it out: Cool Cow Comedy


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