Sneak Peek: Engagement Photos


I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post these yet, since these are just snippets from Vina’s iPhone. I would also link her, but she has so many blogs I wouldn’t even know which one to link to. Maybe Vain Vina. Because I love her face.


I wanted her to do our photos because I love her style. She’s the multimedia maven for the EatGoodFood group. Her posts for the restaurants are so well composed, fun and well basically I feel like if she¬†could make all this food look delicious…she could probably make us look good too?

JD3qYnAAt35G4UMD.jpgI don’t really like taking pictures. I feel awkward standing in front of a camera and posing. (There goes my modeling career right?) But I really wanted to capture our little family dynamic and have some good shots. She made us feel very comfortable, and we pretty much just did normal things and she just happened to capture them. WIN!


Bawse was a better sport than I thought he would be. Mostly because he was out playing and swimming and every once in a while he would have to come pretend he loved us.


I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures! Thank you again Vina!


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