Spam Musubi


I have my moments, where I miss the sunny days spent in Hawaii a few years ago for my birthday. And now being pregnant, I crave things even stronger than I did before. My husband gave me a spam musubi mold, so I was like. HECK YES. I have to use it right?


I gathered all my ingredients. Cooked 3 cups of sushi rice, sliced up a can of spam, nori furikake (rice seasoning), and cut sheets of roasted seaweed.


You want to make sure you have all your ingredients ready before you cook the spam. I cut the seaweed in half, and cooked the rice and pulled it out of the cooker to cook a little so it wouldn’t stay too wet. Mix the sugar and soy sauce.


Cook the spam in it until crispy and caramelized.






Spam Musubi
3 cups of uncooked sushi rice, cooked
1 can of low sodium Spam, cut into 10 even slices
4 tbsp soy sauce
4 tbsp sugar
5 sheets of seaweed, cut in half to make 10

Cook the rice. After it is done cooking, take it off of heat, stir and set aside to cool. Cook spam in a non stick pan in the soy sauce until caramelized and crispy. Place a musubi press on the center of a half sheet of nori.  Take desired amount of rice and scoop into press. Press to pack tightly. Sprinkle furikake to taste. Top with a slice of spam. Press through and wrap.

This is just one way to do it! You can add egg,  less seaweed, the possibilities are endless. There are even different flavors of spam to experiment with. Once you get the basics down, you are good to go!


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